California Drought

California Mining for Water

September 29, 2015

In the Mojave Desert at the Cadiz water project, there lies 34,000 acres of land where investors have believed (for many years now) that billions of gallons of water are locked up waiting to be transported to thirsty Californians.

Scott Slader, and his company, Cadiz, say that it will take “at least another $200 million to dig dozens of wells, filter the water and then move it 43 miles across the desert through a new pipeline.”

Though Slader has never found the hidden water or made a profit off of it, investors believe that the water industry is the greatest opportunity and resource, even more so than oil, today.

The New York Times says, “To develop the project, the company burns through $10 million to $20 million annually, paying for a never-ending battle in courthouses and conference rooms across California to win make-or-break government permits and to cover the salaries of its 10 full-time employees.”

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