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Shower Filters

                                          Shower Filters and Bath Filters 

                         Remove Chlorine or Chloramine
                                             Leave Healthy Water

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"We purchased a shower head filter and I have really noticed a difference in the texture and feel of my hair. It is MUCH softer."
                                                                                                             Santa Monica, CA               

We've been selling effective shower and bath filters since early 2006 now.  As of May, 2013, we have 3 lines of shower filters we are pleased to sell.

All 3 of these brands effectively filter chlorine.  All are well-made and competitively priced.  It is easy to change filters with all of them.

Please note that we only offer products that work well, are fairly priced, and do what they claim.  Choosing which of those shower filters we offer is up to you.

1.  FOAM ADVANTAGE Shower Filters and Bath Filters for Chlorine or Chloramine
Made by our long-time manufacturing partner, CuZn Water Filtration Systems.  CuZn filters use kdf processed with the patented-process FOAM ADVANTAGE.  The FOAM ADVANTAGE, resulting from filter media being powderized and shaped, has many positive results.  The FOAM increases contact time between water and filter material, which is how filtration happens.  This also allows the use of only fine grain kdf.  The overall effect is increases in filtration and the length of time over which the filters will be effective.  The FOAM process means that the media does not compact, allowing continued strong flow for the life of the filter.

     More recently, the FOAM ADVANTAGE has been applied to carbon, now also found in these shower filters and  bath balls.  This further increases the effectiveness of the filters.  Water flow is excellent, as the filter media cannot compress.

     Also, shower filters and bath filters are now available optimized for the removal of chloramines.  These use the FOAM ADVANTAGE applied to kdf-85 and activated carbon, both of which are superior for chloramine removal. 

     We know you can read on the internet that there are no shower filters that remove chloramine.  While we of course would be the last to suggest that everything you read may not be true, the simple fact is that these filters DO filter the majority of chloramine.  This is possible due to the FOAM ADVANTAGE.  Many of those statements were put on the web before these were created.  If someone tells you there is no such thing, ask them if they have ever tried these.  The answer will be no.  Because is they did, they could not honestly repeat that statement.

     Use these filters with any showerhead.

     The filter materials used in these bath and shower filters have been tested and approved by NSF.

     The manufacturer recommends replacing the filters inside after one year of use for the average household.

     You will see these filters on the shower and bath filters page in the online store.

2.  Chlorine FILTERING SHOWERHEADS by H2O.  These are effective shower filters contained in very attractive and well-made showerheads.  You can get them with different finishes to match your bathroom fixtures, and in a nice Handheld Showerhead.

     These shower filters use a proprietary blend of fine and regular kdf, which increases the effectiveness without reducing water flow.

     These filters have been NSF tested and certified.

     The manufacturer recommends that you replace filters every 6 to 9 months, or as needed. 

     Our only caution for these is that if you have very hard water which you haven't addressed, the media can clog up.  So if you have very hard water - lots of scale - this isn't the best choice.

     See these filters on the Filtering Showerheads page.

3.  Pelican SHOWER FILTERS for Chlorine - with or without a showerhead,
including a Handheld Wand.  These are effective and beautifully made units.  The media used are kdf, carbon and far-infrared volcanic media.  We're told that the far-infrared media introduce negative ions which increase hydration and make the water feel softer.

     The Pelican showerheads offer an optional aromatherapy function.  Add Scent Bars to your order if you would like this.

     These have been tested and certified to NSF Standards.

     The manufacturer recommends the average filter change is every 9 months.

     See these filters on the Pelican Shower Filters page in the online store.

                                                                                             for more information see our page on chlorine risks.
                                                                                              for more information see our page on chloramine.

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            More information about the FOAM ADVANTAGE SHOWER AND BATH FILTERS                                               

The technology in these bath filters and shower filters, which uses a process-patented media called the Foam Advantage, is made of a combination of copper and zinc kdf, is the best solution available for shower filters and for bath water filters

All kdf is not equal!
  Our manufacturing partner has patented the way these disks are made, forming them from powdered and shaped kdf.  
                                                                                                                                    See FOAM ADVANTAGE.

These shower filters and bath filters remove or reduce chlorine, iron, lead, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and hundreds of other problem contaminants from your water.

Chlorine is a poison that attacks organic matter.  It binds with the protein in your body.  We absorb more chlorine from bathing and showering than from drinking water.  The EPA has declared that US households have elevated levels of chloroform in the air due to chlorine releases from showering water. So it's in our showering water and in the air in our homes.  Chlorine, on top of irritating skin, eyes and lungs and drying skin and hair, is a suspected cause of breast cancer.  We don't know about you, but it just seems blatantly obvious to us that soaking in chlorine, which kills living things, is bad for our health! 

The copper-zinc kdf FOAM ADVANTAGE water filters, in both our Shower Filters and Bath Balls, also filter aluminum, mercury, sulfur, and lime scale among many other inorganic compounds.  These water filters make your water softer without the use of salt. 

Some municipalities add ammonia which changes chlorine to chloramine.  Chloramine is more persistent and is harder to remove.  The FOAM ADVANTAGE is the only way we are aware of to filter a meaningful amount of chloramine in a shower filter.

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                                          Keeps Working for a Long Time

Foam Advantage water filters are the most efficient, longest lasting and lowest maintenance water filter media available.  The foam works best because the copper-zinc alloy has no pores that plug up, has no membranes to replace, and remains bacteriostatic (bacteria can't breed).  You swap out the water filter disk once a year. The media is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and is recyclable. 

The copper-zinc alloy stops the calcium and magnesium from forming hard scale, adhering to your showerhead. Scale is that buildup you see that cakes on and slows flow and pressure.  These bath and shower filters also stop scale from building up in your shower and tub.  Interestingly, calcium and magnesium are not eliminated, rather they remain soluble in the water, which is natural and healthful.   In nature, these minerals are picked up as water filters through rock strata.  Excessive salt is reduced, however.

Hydrogen sulfide is also removed by these shower and bath water filters.  If you sometimes get a 'rotten egg' smell, that's hydrogen sulfide.  It is a poisonous gas that can in larger amounts cause nausea and illness.  It also corrodes metals.  When hydrogen sulfide passes through these water filters, oxidation occurs, removing the hydrogen sulfide by creating zinc oxides and zinc sulfides. 

Please note that through shipping, some copper-zinc powder sometimes loosens in new bath balls.  If this happens, it won't last long.   You can soak and rinse them to clear it more quickly.   But this won't cause harm to bathers.

There is no maintenance required for the kdf copper-zinc filter, just swap it out the filter disk once a year.

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                                                       Shower Filter
                                                      shown with showerhead                                               

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                                                            The Bath Ball top view
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Chlorine Shower Filter also Available in PINK

                    chlorine shower filter, shower filter, chlorine shower filters, shower filter, bath filters

Pink Shower Filter

                                                What About Fluoride?

Fluoride is recognized by many as being very dangerous. There is no reasonable doubt that drinking it is a bad idea.  In November 2006 the American Dental Association reversed itself and said that the ingestion of fluoride is too dangerous for babies.  There are several other fluoride risks, too, including that it is carcinogenic.    

                                                                                                          Click here to learn more about
fluoride dangers.  

However, it's clear to us that fluoride causes health problems primarily through ingestion.  Fluoride, unlike chlorine, is not released into the water and air as a gas.   It travels through water as part of a metallic compound, and therefore doesn't release into the air like chlorine.  

It is a rare occurence that we hear from a customer who reports that bathing or showering in fluoride causes them health problems.   Those who have problems seem to have been previously over-fluoridated through dentistry, municipal water supply or fluoride drops their parents were told to give them as children.  Some people simply have extreme sensitivities. 

Having said this however, the shower and bath filters we sell can reduce fluoride a bit, up to 40%.  We're not aware of others that do that much. 

                                                  Click here for information specifically about fluoride water filters.

                               Don't wait. Your family should stop soaking up chlorine.
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shower filters,shower filter,bath water filters,bath filters, bath filter, bath water filter

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