Most of our customers are particularly concerned about fluoride. We have a wonderful addition to our line of whole house filters – a highly-effective and affordable whole house fluoride filtering tank – combined with a wide-spectrum tank for chlorine or chloramine and chlorine, along with over 600 other contaminants.

This fluoride filter uses calcium-based carbon. It is equally effective as activated alumina, and lasts as long. However in large quantities, it is far less expensive, and much lighter.  For those who want to filter fluoride from the whole house – this is the solution for you.

Very important is that this, like our other whole house filters, allows a very strong water flow rate.  Water can flow through this from 10 to 12 gallons per minute!  (Many other whole house filters run at 6 or 7 gpm.)

The primary risk of fluoride is from ingestion (unlike chlorine or chloramine) so it is particularly critical that you remove it from your kitchen drinking and cooking water. So it’s a reasonable option to combine a wide-spectrum whole house filter with a fluoride filter at the kitchen. However, some people prefer to filter it from their whole house. Since the price has dropped considerably, filtering fluoride from the whole house is now a reasonably solution many are selecting.

The fluoride whole house filter media needs to be changed after 350,000 gallons. That’s over 3 1/2 years for most of our customers. Check your water bill to see how much you use in a year.

Click here to see a chart comparing the commonly-used whole house municipal system filters: whole house filter comparisons.

Smaller 2 Canister 20-Inch Split Flow Whole House Filter System

This filter is made possible by combining ‘Foam’ technology with granular filter media. The media prepared using foam technology are powderized and shaped into firm filter blocks which do not compress, and which allow strong water flow while delivering top level filtration.  The foam media is combined in balance with granular media.

The use of foam technology combined with split-flow (each cartridge is the same) allows the high flow rate you can get with a 3/4 inch input – as is appropriate for whole house filters.

For more information on the Foam Advantage, click on: Foam Advantage

*   The result is high flow rates – up to 10 gallons per minute!  (many are 6 or 7 gpm)

*   Plus highly effective filtration  (the flow media can absorb 5 times its weight in contaminants! )

*   Plus long-lasting filtration for this size filter  (80,000 gallons)

Is in use in many apartments where there is not a single incoming pipe.  In that case, you need to get one for hot water and one for cold water line.

This is also available in a 3-canister version for fluoride and chloramine plus.

For more general information, please click on Water Filter FAQ.You can also Check Water Filter Certificates and Lab Test Results


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