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November 24, 2014

The San Diego California City Council has decided to recycle waste water, making it pure to use for drinking water again.  This is one example of steps California cities are taking to address the several-year drought.  This decision will of course reduce the need to import water, and will support the city’s residents have access to clean water.

Because San Diego imports 85% of its water from Northern California and the Colorado River, this is an important step.  Nearly three quarters of San Diego poll takers support the move, having warmed to the idea over recent years given the realities of the drought.  Environmental and business groups (including us) also provide a lot of support for the idea.

The plan is to recycle 15 million gallons by 2023 and 83 million gallons a day by 2035.  That is about one-third of the needed water supply.

We applaud San Diego and the City Council for taking these steps.  We understand that there are only 10 such projects nationwide at this point, including Fairfax County Virginia and cities in Texas.  Interest does appear to be growing.

The idea can take a little getting used to.  But remember that all of our drinking water has always been recycled water.  This just steps up the cleaning process, which previously we have left to Mother Earth.

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