Water Filter – Countertop, NITRATES PLUS

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Countertop water filter often used for rural areas with well water contaminated by agricultural runoff. However, an excellent choice if you want to remove nitrates from your municipal water supply, too. The risk from nitrites is from drinking it. What makes these different than others is MORE top quality filtering media, for better and longer-lasting filtration.

AJ from Wisconsin emailed us this: “I just wanted to let you know – I received water test results from the state lab today, and your nitrate filter removed ALL the nitrates from our water.” Was 10 ppm, now 0!”

For more information about nitrates and other well water issues, click on well water risks and filters.

This unit delivers excellent kitchen sink filtering. The canisters and the filter media inside are top quality. This is the one for you if you can’t put a filter under the sink. This provides the same filtration as the 2-canister undercounter nitrite plus unit. If you also have fluoride, we can fashion a 3-canister unit for you. (Not shown in the store.)

TWO WHITE CANISTERS with sediment filters, kdf, coconut shell carbon, and a nitrate filter.

Countertop filters attach to the end of your kitchen faucet by a diverter that screws into the end.  Must have a thread on the inside of your faucet.

REMOVES NITRATES, chlorine, sediment, algae, molds, scale, hydrogen sulphide, hormones, bad taste, odors, chlorine and hundreds of chemical and organic contaminants. Bacteria cannot grow in the carbon because of copper-zinc kdf. The best-of-all-worlds filtering – take out the bad, leave healthy trace elements.

Comes with nitrate and standard KR101N cartridges. In normal circumstances, filters last a full year.  If your nitrates are higher then 12 ppm, you should change the nitrate cartridge more often.




To see a list of contaminants removed in addition to nitrites, see What Is Filtered?


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