Replacement Whole House Advanced Upgrade Chlorine Plus System

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Two new tanks filled with the media for the Whole House Advanced Upgrade Chlorine Plus.  (Sediment filters sold separately.)

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This is to replace the Whole House Advanced Upgrade Filter System.   This item is the two main tanks.

Sediment filters for the pre-filter are not included here in this item.  Order them separately.

This filter media should be changed every 600,000 gallons or five years.

Note:  Sediment pre-filters not included in this item.  Frequency of pre-filters will depend on your water, and if your municipality works on the lines, kicking up sediment.  The pre-filter should be changed once a year – or any time the water flow rate slows.  See a separate item to get extra pre-filters.

To get the most effective results, all the media is layered through both tanks.

You will get complete new tanks with the new media inside them.  This means that you only need to disconnect the old tanks.  And attach the new tanks.

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