Replacement cartridge set for Smaller WHBBs. Whole House Water Filter Replacements

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Whole House Water filter replacements

If you have any version of the smaller whole house system, the WHBB – with 2 or 3 blue 20″ tanks – this is the right item to replace the cartridges. Select the variant you want.  If you had us build a custom variant, please email us.

These remarkable filters entirely use the Foam Advantage.

Your current filter and these replacements work on hundreds of contaminants – with a specific focus on one or two of the following: Fluoride, Chloramine, Arsenic, Nitrates, Hardness or Xtra Protection – Pharmaceuticals, Herbicides and Pesticides.

You should replace these filter cartridges after 80,000 gallons,

WHBB20 Cartridge Sets

Fluoride 2, Chloramine 2, Nitrate 2, Arsenic 2, Xtra Wide-Spectrum (Pharm) Plus 2, Hardness 2, Radiation 2, Fluoride & Hardness 3, Fluoride and Chloramine 3


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