Replacement for Whole House Advanced Upgrade Chloramine

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Replacement for the main tanks of the Large Whole House Advanced Upgrade system.  Buy sediment pre-filters separately.

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This is to replace the “Advanced Upgrade Large” Chloramine version.  This item is for existing customers to replace their original filter tanks.

This item does not include a pre-filter filter.  Buy those as needed as a separate item.  Frequency of pre-filters will depend on your water, and if your municipality works on the lines, kicking up sediment.  It’s good to keep one or more on hand.

The standard pre-filter should be changed once a year – or any time the water flow rate slows.  See a separate item to get extra pre-filters.  See separate pre-filter items in this section of the store.  Most people have 10″ pre-filters, but some chose 20″. Make sure you get the right size. 

If you have the “Atlanta” pre-filter, see that item in the store.

The filter media in the main tanks should be changed every 350,000 gallons.  Check your water bill to see how much water you use in a year.  Check your water meter to confirm usage.

This item is a complete filled replacement tank.  Send the water through the bypass.  Unscrew the tank with used media from the head and screw the new one.  You can do it yourself or use a handyman.  It’s not a plumbing job.

The fluoride-filtering media is calcium-based carbon, aka bone char.

The media includes FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf-85 and activated granulated coconut carbon.  Both of these are optimized for chloramine removal.

Kdf is also particularly good at chemicals and  heavy metals, the carbon is particularly effective against organic contaminants and leaving good tasting water.  The combination of kdf with carbon greatly enhances the effectiveness and life of the carbon.

This Advanced Upgrade System now includes the following:

SNRF Ion Exchange Coconut Shell Carbon is an adsorbent media that target the volatile organic compounds (chlorine, THMs, disinfection by products, herbicides, pesticides, etc). This carbon is supercharged with an internal modification for ion exchange properties.  This delivers soluble lead adsorption (Ion Exchange Capacity is 130mg/g). The heavy metal reduction capability is additive, given that FOAM ADVANTAGE KDF-55 is also incorporated in to the system design.  Together they assure 99% removal of soluble lead, even at high flow rates.

The Calcium Based Carbon (BRIMAC), also known as Bone Char, has a unique porous matrix of ions created by heating a raw material in an oxygen rich vessel at 1,292 °F. The result is a unique type of Calcium-Based Activated Carbon with properties that are very different than the more common Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. While coconut shell carbon is great for organic contaminants, it is not effective for inorganic contaminants. However, Calcium-Based Carbon is selective for filtering inorganic contaminants.

Fluoride filtration is the most common application for Calcium-Based Carbon.  It is also used in applications for radionuclides reduction including radium, uranium & arsenic present at levels below the MCL.

Fluoride is one of the more slowly-adsorbed contaminants.  Lower water flow permits more fluoride filtration.  A large quantity of high-quality fluoride-filtering media is required for whole house reduction of this contaminant. 90+% removal of fluoride (as you get with other contaminants) is not generally feasible for Whole House Water Filtration Applications.  However, this stage of the dual tank system will reduce exposure to fluoride significantly.  If you want to remove more fluoride than is possible at the whole house level, we can do so with a 2-canister kitchen filter.  The biggest risks of fluoride are from ingestion.

Zeolite Filtration Media is a great filtration material with both adsorbent & ion exchange properties. The most prominent application for Zeolite is ammonia removal. Zeolite compliments activated carbon’s adsorption of volatile organic compounds.  Zeolite tends to offer greater efficacy with the removal of some organics that activated carbon is less effective adsorbing. It also has shown promise for the removal of various radionuclides with its unique ion exchange properties.

Rx Filtration Media is a mesoporous (nano-level) organosilica media that possesses a flexible and hydrophobic pore structure. Rx media is able to remove nearly all forms of pharmaceutical contamination found in potable water supplies.  Testing shows 99% removal of antidepressants, antibiotics, birth controls & 75% removal anti-inflammatory drugs and antihistamines). Rx media can also be used for the extraction of organic species, including hydrocarbons, all forms of oil, chlorinated solvents, esters & glycols


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