Chloramines Water Filter Plus, Under-Sink

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Chloramines Water Filter Plus Under-Sink

This under-sink 2-canister Chloramines Water Filter kitchen filter is designed for communities that use chloramines as the disinfectant, but don’t add fluoride.

We also have a countertop version of the Chloramines Water Filter Plus, which is not on the website.  Just give us a call.  866-482-6803.

This kitchen chloramines water filter effectively filters out CHLORAMINES plus 600 other contaminants – including chlorine! All of our kitchen canister filters work on over 600 contaminants. Select which is the right one for you by whether you have chlorine or chloramine, and if your water is fluoridated.

This uses an improved housing that can handle 33% higher pressure than the industry standard white canister. The filtration is the same, and the same canisters fit.


This 2-canister kitchen chloramines water filter plus designed to take out CHLORAMINES in addition all the other things you want to remove from your municipal water supply. (This unit does not filter fluoride.)  Many municipalities now add ammonia with chlorine to form chloramines, which are harder to filter. If you don’t have chloramine in your water, you don’t have to get a filter to take it out.

THIS UNIT ALSO VERY EFFECTIVELY FILTERS CHLORINE!   There are some places that move back and forth between water supplies using chlorine and chloramine. This 3-canister system WILL filter out BOTH thoroughly if you are in such a place (like Houston).

WHAT IS FILTERED?  (this is a short example list)

  • chloramine
  • chlorine
  • chlorination by-products like trihalomethane
  • perchlorate
  • mtbe
  • heavy metal
  • chromium
  • lead
  • sediment
  • algae
  • molds
  • scale
  • bad taste
  • pesticides
  • hormones
  • pharmaceuticals
  • odors

The idea is that they work on all the categories of contaminants. To see a larger sample list of contaminants filtered, see  What Is Filtered? . enter your Ridgid part numbers in the search engine block  For lots of information about filtration and these filters, please see the Education Tab above for various pages.

All the filter materials used in our kitchen, whole house, shower and bath filters have been certified by the NSF.  See Certifications.  Made in America



This kitchen chloramines water filter delivers multiple-stage filtering.

* The first canister has two sediment filters, 1 1/4 pounds of patent-processed kdf-85 formulated to remove chloramines, and a full pound of catalytic carbon which also works on chloramines and filters disinfection by-products like trihalomethanes. TOGETHER these media do far one than carbon alone can do.

* The second canister has two sediment filters plus 1 1/4 pounds of special patent-processed kdf-55 which removes chemical contaminants including chlorine, lead, heavy metals and more, and then a full pound of top-quality granulated coconut carbon for organic compounds including chlorination by-products, organic-based drugs, perchlorate. mtbe and hormones. Bacteria cannot grow in the carbon because of the kdf.

Why are our filters different from others? Better quality fixtures and more of the right top quality filter material!  This determines how much is filtered and how long the canisters remain effective.

and …

The kdf in our filters uses a special patent-processed FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf that increases effectiveness and length of use – and does not clog – supporting a strong water flow for the life of the filter.  This means maximum filtration from kdf is achieved in a smaller area in the canisters – allowing more room for activated carbon, too. For more information, see

 The Foam Advantage.     enter your Ridgid part numbers in the search engine block


Set of 2 Cartridges (change both once a year)

*  CHANGE FILTERS BY TURNING THE CANISTERS COUNTERCLOCKWISE TO UNSCREW. (Same as a light bulb.)  First turn off water. Put new cartridges in the same way as the previous ones were.  No screws, no screwdrivers.  With your initial purchase, we include a free plastic wrench that makes it easier by increasing leverage.  The wrench is not a requirement, however.  See Changing Filters description and short video.


To see an FAQ, click on: Frequently Asked Questions


To see certifications and test results of the media used please click on the Education Tab above for Water Filters, then open Certifications and test results you will see there.

WHAT IS INCLUDED?  All you need.

* Standard swiveling faucet that goes through the opening behind your sink.  Faucet upgrades are available.  We do recommend the faucet upgrade.  They look and work better, and last longer.
* Friends of Water includes a free fitted plastic wrench with this purchase to make changing filters easier
* CR-1 cartridge for chloramine removal. CHANGE ONCE A YEAR
* KR101A wide-spectrum cartridge for removal of heavy metals, chemical and organic contaminants. CHANGE ONCE A YEAR.

* T adapter and 2 tubes
* Includes everything needed for a normal installation (except a plumber)

  • 5″ tall x 11.5″ wide x 6.5″ deep


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