Chloramine Whole House Water Filter Replacement MEDIUM size

$379.95 - $457.95 $366.00 - $444.00


Chloramine Whole House Water Filter Replacement Plus Wide-spectrum  

This is the replacement media for this Chloramine Plus Whole House Filter MEDIUM size.

There are two options when your media is spent.  Neither one requires a plumber.

Raw Materials Refill Kit

Pretty handy and like to DIY?  This is the option for you. Divert the water. Clean your tank out, discard the expired filtration media.  Follow instructions on how to replace the media yourself.  It’s  awkward because the mouth of the tanks is small.  But it’s completely doable.  We don’t recommend this option if you are going to pay someone to do it.  You probably won’t save any money that way.


Complete New Tank Replacement Option

  • Receive new tank with media inside and ready to install
  • Much quicker, easier and neater
  • Unscrew used tank from installed tank head
  • Screw new tank into installed tank head
  • No plumber needed


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