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January 27, 2012

We think it’s kind of funny how we get some calls from people who strongly proclaim that they don’t trust the governmental agencies who oversee and manage their water supply.  They don’t believe the reports that they get.  They don’t trust the levels of contaminants that are reported as safe.  They know there are lots of contaminants that are in the water that are not being monitored at all.  They can’t believe that they put the poison fluoride in our water …….

And then they are all concerned about whether or not we have government certifications for every filter we sell.  It’s pretty funny.  They rely on the certification of the same agencies they distrust to tell them what to do about the problems.

Getting just ONE style kitchen filter certified for the most basic level (which doesn’t tell you much) costs several thousand dollars.   Then to continue to use the label – remember, for ONE filter configuration – costs a couple thousand more every year. Multiply that by every combination of filter types we sell.

So …. do you want us to take on this huge cost to repeatedly certify different configurations of MEDIA THAT HAS BEEN CERTIFIED AND PROVEN EFFECTIVE FOR DECADES?  Or would you prefer we keep the filters we sell affordable?

Save, Filter, and Celebrate Water

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Save, Filter, and Celebrate Water

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