If you are on WELL WATER, please get your water tested by a water test lab. A web search will help you find one in your region. Send us the results at [email protected]. We’ll recommend the right filter(s) for you.

If you are on CITY (MUNICIPALLY TREATED) WATER, there are two questions you need answered to select the best water filter. Either do a web search for ” ‘your town + state’ annual water quality report” or call the number on your water bill to learn:

1. Is your water fluoridated?
2. Do they also add ammonia changing the chlorine to chloramines?

These are the two things that tell you what you need to know.  ALL OUR KITCHEN CANISTER FILTERS ARE EFFECTIVE ON THE OTHER CATEGORIES OF CONTAMINANTS: heavy metals, chemically-based, organic-based, (drugs are one or the other) odor and taste.
The links below take you to the main types of kitchen filters in this online store.

Chlorine, no fluoride, Undercounter.  These have one canister.

Chlorine, no fluoride, Countertop.

Chlorine and Fluoride Undercounter.  These have two canisters.

Chlorine and Fluoride Countertop.

Chlorine and fluoride and EXTRA protection for drugs and other contaminants Undercounter.  These have 3 canisters.

Chlorine and fluoride and EXTRA protection for drugs and other contaminants Countertop.

Chloramine & Fluoride Undercounter. These have 3 canisters.

Chloramine & Fluoride Countertop.

There are also other options but those listed above are the common solutions for most people.  If you have another particular concern: you can select a filter with a sediment filter cartridge, a radiation filter cartridge, or one for arsenic or nitrates.

These days many buy 3-canister units to allow for future flexibility.  A growing number of municipalities are now adding chloramine, for which a 3-canister is best.  If your municipally changes to this, you will be better off with a 3-canister filter.


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