Dear Mrs. Householder,

PLEASE – don’t let Hubby install an undercounter water filter you buy from us!  Listen, I know he’s a great handyman, and he’s the salt of the earth.  He once saved a dog from drowning, and he’s done lots of plumbing before and it has always gone perfectly – well nearly always anyway, there was that time that you had a fountain in the bathroom, but hey, nobody’s perfect.  Anyway, we know he’s a wonderful handyman, and he even built you that terrific addition and it came out great.

In fact, he’ll tell you he’s done exactly that sort of thing before and had absolutely no problem.  He’ll tell you how easy it is – heck, it’s just cutting the filter in the cold water line, after all.

But I’m telling you –


WHY DO I SAY THIS?  Because we have sold many, many undercounter filters over the years.  There were two occasions when a plumber installed an undercounter filter that there was a problem.  Both were quickly and easily fixed – by the plumber.  Very little drama, no angst, very little inconvenience.  The ratio of successful installs for ‘Dad’ haven’t been nearly so good!


A plumber will come and have your filter in correctly in about a half-hour in normal circumstances.  He’ll charge you a one-hour minimum, so have him fix that slow leak in the bathroom while he is there.  You’ve been wanting to get that done for a year and half now anyway.  The specifics of your plumbing situation we can’t know – but if it’s more complicated – that’s MORE reason to get a professional.  (Well, okay, you do need to make sure that you get a plumber who can read instructions.)

Plumber happy

But it happens WITH GREAT FREQUENCY that when the handyman installs an undercounter filter – there are problems.  And somehow, it is always somehow our fault!   “My husband has been working on it for four hours now, and it’s really causing him problems.  He says it’s because the damn flapdoodle you sent isn’t the right one.”  (Well Dad, how come it worked just fine for thousands of others?)

plumber mad

Or a particular favorite: ” The water is coming out white!  Is this dangerous?  What is wrong with your filters!?”  Answer:  Nothing is wrong with the filters.  Dad has introduced an air leak into the water line and air is in your water.   But of course he can’t admit that, or likely even hear it when he is told that is the issue, because that could damage his status as a handyman.  It could injure his pride.  It is HAS to be someone else’s fault!   (No, this is not dangerous.  You can know if that is the issue when you fill a glass with filtered water and you can watch the ‘white’ move up and out of the glass.  But you just got the best water filter available for your kitchen, you want white water now?)  It will clear over time, don’t worry about it.

plumber under sink

I”M BEGGING YOU – PLEASE, JUST CALL A PLUMBER!  Your husband has a long list of things he could be working on around the house – ask him to do one of those instead.  Or tell him this job is just too small for a man of his talents.  Ask him to rehang that door – that will keep him busy for hours – maybe a couple of days!

Or you could tell him he’s just been working too hard, and you want him to have a break and let somebody else do the work for once – like a man of his stature deserves.

Think of something; just don’t let him do it!

And …….. if you and he just won’t listen to me – if things go wrong, the one to call is a plumber – not us! The issue is an installation issue – a plumbing issue – not a water filter issue.  We sell water filters – plumbers install them.

With this, you can know that you and your family not only have the best water filtration available – but that it is installed correctly.

Best to you,
Big Splash
Friends of Water


For more general information, please click on Water Filter FAQ.You can also Check Water Filter Certificates and Lab Test Results


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