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Since January 2006 has been the supplier of the premier garden water sprinklers, the Noodlehead Sprinklers. The Noodlehead was our first product offered, and is still popular after all these years.


Noodlehead Sprinklers hit every part of your garden, using just the right amount of water. You’ll save water while your plants get what they need.. If you have a property with annual, perennial, vegetable or herb gardens of any size or type, or if you have narrow, small or odd-shaped garden or lawn areas that you need to water, you will love these high quality, low cost garden sprinklers!


Garden Sprinklers That Save Water

The great idea behind the Noodlehead Garden Sprinklers is a small head with 12 flexible tubes coming out of it – every tube with three water flows coming out the top, each angled just 5 degrees away from the others. Each of the tubes is flexible – but stays in the shape you bend it to. So you can send as much water to whatever spot you want. Want one plant to get a lot more water than its neighbors? Point more tubes at it. These sprinklers are small, light-weight, easy to use and put the water where you want it – in the amounts you want. This means you and your family save water.

Every Noodlehead comes with a spike you can use when you wish, to secure the garden sprinkler exactly where you want it. These garden sprinklers screw right onto your garden hose. The tubes can be angled to water at the roots, or you can point the spray more upward to water the leaves of others. In fact, you are able to do both from one garden sprinkler.

Great for Hard to Get or Odd Shaped Areas

The Noodlehead Sprinkler will adapt to any shape or pattern you want! Do you have a narrow stretch of garden or lawn that you’ve never been able to get the right sprinkler for? Don’t pay to put in six pop-up sprinkler heads. You can save a bundle by using one sprinkler instead!

If you have a spot where you want to set up a Noodlehead and leave it, it’s quick and easy to just screw it back on the hose when you are ready to water. You can do that without disturbing the tubes. (We find it easiest to lift the head and spin it onto the hose.) Of course if you’re using the heads on your underground system risers or a permanent hose, you don’t need to do anything.

Stop losing plants here and there because your sprinkler didn’t reach them!

Recognized Quality

The Noodlehead won the “Best New Product of the Year” at the International Hardware Show. Folks, that the hardware show – imagine the competition. There were 700 competing products!

Moreover, the Noodlehead won “Best New Product of the Year” at the International Invention Convention. It was the best of 200 competing new inventions.

There are two stainless steel fine mesh filter washers on each sprinkler head – on for the garden hose thread and another in the bottom, for when you us and Extend-A-Riser. These mesh filters are washable. Together with the special nozzle design, these really do prevent clogging.

Guaranteed Quality

The Noodlehead Garden Sprinkler System is a great product, and it is priced very reasonably. You can try it for up to 30 days to be sure you agree. If you don’t you may return it for a full refund.


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