Information on the FOAM ADVANTAGE

Used in Kitchen Canister Filters, Shower & Bath Filters, Garden Filters and Whole House Filters

How much filtration you get is a result of contact time between water and filter media. The FOAM ADVANTAGE increases contact time, and therefore levels of filtration and length of effectiveness. The solution is to get a water filter with the right (high quality) filter materials. The patented process foam filter used in most of the water filters we sell further increases contact time between water and filter material. The results is increased porosity resulting in more and longer-lasting filtration while keeping a strong water flow.

Test Results

Super Fine KDF Foam. One 4-inch disk. (The media is applied appropriately and proportionally for various products)

Gallons Tested        Inflow parts per million    Outflow parts p million       Effectiveness

10                                 2.08                                     0.04                                 98%

20                                 2.08                                     0.06                                 97%

30                                 2.08                                     0.03                                 99%

40                                 2.06                                     0.04                                 98%

50                                 2.02                                     0.05                                 98%

60                                 2.02                                     0.03                                 99%

70                                 2.04                                     0.06                                 97%

80                                 2.05                                     0.02                                 99%

90                                 2.01                                     0.06                                 97%

100                               2.06                                     0.04                                 98%

The efficiency spread attached to a foam matrix was also more stable than the results from large granular (not foam) samples. This is believed to be a function of the reticulated foam avoiding media packing or channeling. Granulated material lost 7 psi, fine kdf disks lost only 2 psi. (note: what this indicates is that water pressure is minimally reduced.  PSI of most filters is up to 125 psi, the disk reduced it 2.)

Factory testing specs:

Test Date: 2/20/12

Testing Labratory: Foamulations, LLC testing Facility

303 Najoles Rd, Suite 112

Millersville, MD 21108

Technician: R. Brooks

Tests were performed on a Hach DR/3000 Spectrophotometer using method 8021 Free Chlorine.


Foam Media eliminates pressure drop problems.

This foam media is included in one-tank two-media whole house filters, whole house small alternative filters, kitchen canister filters, shower filters , bath filters, garden filters, and RV filters.

Below are used in units like the Whole House Small Alternative Filters

All Foam Cartridges

With no significant pressure loss compared to an empty cartridge, you will never notice the flow slowing.  Unlike radial flow cartridges, which have a minimal amount of filtration media, All Foam Cartridges filter with the entire volume of the cartridge.  These patented foam filters are available in many different media, and we use them when it makes sense in various situations.  Because of their reticulated design, they never channel. Foam cartridges come in sizes allowing them to be used in 10″, 20″, and whole house housings.  Refilling is quick and easy.

Combo Cartridges are cartridges containing both foam and granular media.   These also solve the pressure loss issue typical of axial flow, purely granular cartridges.  These units utilize the full volume of the cartridge for filtration.  Combo Cartridges, using a calculated ratio of foam to granular media, still offer the non-channeling benefits of the filter foam but at a lesser cost than the All Foam systems. Combo cartridges are easy to refill.

The Combo Cartridge is used in all type of the WHBB line – known as the Smaller Whole House Alternative.  These charts are indicative of all the uses of foam media, but are specifically the results of the WHBB 20-inch fillters.

Chart1 - Foam Advantage

The chart above illustrates that chlorine is removed effectively for 80,000 gallons. There is virtually no decline in effectiveness until 80,000 gallons of usage.

This provides an example of how the effectiveness of foam filter media is extended for any foam media.

Foam Advantage Chart

This chart illustrates that your water flow rate will be strong up to 10 gallons a minute.  This chart shows a maximum decline of 3 pounds at 10 gpm.  Since these units can handle up to 125 pounds, this means a proportionally miniscule decline in pressure in virtually every case.  it is very unlikely that you would notice any decrease is your water flow.


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