Chemicals in the Water


May 29, 2014

When we started Friends of Water in January 2006, we started providing information and products to Save, Celebrate & Filter Water.  We thought that the greatest demand would come for information and products to save water.  That proved not to be correct.  The marketplace quickly made it clear to us that what was most needed was more clear information and good products about water filtration for the home.  So that is the direction we went.

It seemed clear that our approach of providing open, honest, communication, with thorough explanations of issues and products, was (and is) what customers wanted and appreciated.  It is our impression that the whole industry has moved more toward explanations instead of hype since those days.  Maybe we were some part of that; we like to think so.

It also seems that the industry has moved away from what was more prevalent those years back – a major reliance on charts that purported to show effectiveness and comparisons of different types of filters.  While we understand that a lot of people think that looking at these things give you the “facts”, the reality is that most of those charts were realistic.  A snapshot result in a lab in a controlled situation doesn’t answer many questions about how filters will work over time and in varying situations.  For example, no one knows what pharmaceuticals are in your water, let alone how they will interact.  This will change all the time and vary by place.  The real solution is the get the best filters you can to keep your water clean as situations vary.

Yes, you should learn what you can about the water where you live, and get the right filters.  But select filters based on what they can do overall.  And buy from a supplier who demonstrates some understanding of the issues, and is willing to support you when you need it.

Save, Filter, and Celebrate Water

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Save, Filter, and Celebrate Water

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