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7 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water

February 21, 2016


7 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water

7 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water

  1. Water serves as the body’s transport system, enabling the proper circulation of nutrients throughout the body.
  2. Water helps to flush out waste products and bacteria from the body, which boosts the immune system and prevent disease.  This benefit is probably unrated by many.  It is hugely important.
  3. Water increases the amount of red blood cells in the body enabling it to improve it’s lung function.  Breathing is good!
  4. A recent study showed that drinking more water can reduce one’s risk of acquiring bladder and colon cancer.  This refers back to the importance of drinking plenty of water to wash out our insides. 
  5. Water keeps humans hydrated, which can prevent headaches.  Next time you have a headache, drink some water.  Usually it will go away.  The results of taking a pain killer with water is probably half from the water!
  6. Water helps to hydrate the cartilages in order to prevent joint pains.
  7. Water helps to maintain the body’s weight by regulating appetite and increasing metabolic rate.  Drinking more water can help you feel less hungry, and therefore lose some weight!

Many years ago, the Big Splash at Friends of Water became bedridden due to an extreme contraction all around the pelvic girdle.  Various modalities of healthcare were unable to identify the problem, much less resolve it.  An Indian healer finally diagonosed the problem having been caused by eating too many raw tomatoes!  A bumper crop of organic tomatoes from my home garden turned out to have a surprising and negative impact on my health.  It seems that tomatoes have high oxalic acid, which hardens the kidneys. She recommended some other things to recover too, but her main message was:  Drink more water!  Clean out your insides.  

But given that our water comes with chlorine, fluoride and other things not healthy for the body, it is also important that we filter the water first.  


Save, Filter, and Celebrate Water

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Save, Filter, and Celebrate Water

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