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Kitchen Water Filters

Water Filters
It's Time To Stop Drinking Chlorine (or chloramine) & Fluoride

Drink Pure Healthy Clean Water is a family-owned and completely independent supplier of kitchen water filters, providing you and your family with safe, clean drinking and cooking water.  We consider and select only water products that do a great job, do what they claim and what they should, are a good value, and are well-backed by the manufacturer.  There are many choices for water filters available, and we could set ourselves up to resell many water filter lines.  We prefer to handle only those we believe to be the best.

By Getting a Good Water Filter You Can
  • Know you are drinking pure healthy clean water
  • Improve your health environment by filtering out poisons, heavy metals, drugs and more
  • Get the trace elements the body requires for good health
  • Have better-tasting and healthier coffee, tea and food
  • Reduce the making and wasting of plastic bottles
  • Reduce gasoline usage in trucking bottled water around
  • Stop contributing to other people's water shortages
  • Stop contributing to waste material in dumps
  • Reduce the need for recycling, which also has an energy cost
  • Save money - a lot of it - if you're buying bottled water
  • Save water resources by sending clean water back into the environment

With 'classic' filtration - in which water runs over and through the filter materials - the amount of filtration is determined by the amount of contact time between the water and the right filter materials.  More filtering media with more surface area results means more filtration.  Our kitchen and whole house filters use as much filter material as possible.  The Foam Advantage increases effectiveness further.   

Email us at or call us toll-free at 866-482-6803.  

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