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Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filters & Filter Combinations

Whole House Water Filters Combinations

Our house filters have up to five-times the filter material and/or effectiveness of some others. Since January 2006, has been offering whole house water filters at amazing prices. What’s even better is that each filter is of only the highest quality.   The result is more effective water filtration for a longer time - and therefore a far better value over time. 

Additional differentiators include that many of our water filters use a patented process - the FOAM ADVANTAGE whereby the filter media is powdered and shaped into blocks or disks, which are hard but porous.  This makes the same amount of filter media far more effective than a comparable amount of media not processed in this way.  Therefore the media is not compressed, nor do you need a sediment pre-filter. Using this patented media increases the contact time between the water the filter media - which is how filtration happens.

Most of our filters include the use of patent-processed kdf, which is a combination of copper and zinc.  This is a fantastic filter media that directly removes chlorine, chemical contaminants and heavy metals - and which enhances the effectiveness and lifespan of carbon.

Pure Clean Healthy Water

Many of our customers are particularly concerned about fluoride.  The primary risk of fluoride is from ingestion (unlike chlorine or chloramine) so it is most critical that your filter it out of your kitchen drinking and cooking water.

We do have good and affordable options for those who prefer to remove fluoride from the whole house.  The fluoride filtering tank that can be combined with the other wide-spectrum tanks including those that target chlorine and those that target chloramine - for a complete whole house solution.

The smallest whole house filter needs media replacement after 80,000 gallons.  Most of our larger systems last for 300,000 - and the biggest for 500,000 gallons.  Check your water bill to see how much water you use in a year.

For detailed information about water filtration and our filters, contact us by email at or call us toll-free at 866-482-6803.  

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