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Chloramine Water Filters

                 Chloramine Water Filters 
  Chloramine & Fluoride Kitchen Water Filters
Learn why and how to remove chloramine - and learn about the chloramine and fluoride water filters offered by 

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                                                                        Chloramine & Fluoride

Some areas now add ammonia to the municipal water supply.  They are doing this for two reasons.  The first is in recognition of some scientific study results that suggest chlorine is carcinogenic.  The other is that adding ammonia changes the chemistry of chlorine so that it continues to serve as a disinfectant, but in its new form lasts much longer.  The form it takes on is chloramines.  By definition, it is harder to remove chloramine.

Research published in 2007 by Dr. Michael Plewa indicated that the disinfection byproducts (DBPs) created from the use of chloramine are much more toxic than the DBPs of chlorine. These new nitrogen-containing DBPs are currently not regulated by the EPA. 

                        To see the most informative site we've found on the risks of chloramine, see:  
                     Their info about filtration and filters includes inaccurate info about filtration however, so don't trust that. 

Chloramine is most efficiently filtered out by the combined use of kdf-85 and granulated catalytic carbon.  While there is plenty on the web to say carbon can filter it, carbon alone will not do as much as when it is combined with kdf-85.  Kdf 85 breaks the bond between ammonia and chlorine - the two chemicals making up chloramine - which allows the right carbon (catalytic) to much more readily absorb them.

Fluoride is also hard to remove and you must have the correct filter material. Fluoride is part of a metallic compound in our water, and the attraction of a metallic substance with opposite magnetism can remove it. Every metal has a charge, either positive or negative, and each can be either strong or weak.

The primary risk of fluoride, unlike some other contaminants, is from ingestion.  So you want to remove it from your cooking and drinking water.

The right combination of magnetics happens with activated alumina.  Activated alumina is not what we know as aluminum.  Aluminum is made by processing activated alumina, including adding fluoride!   Aluminium oxide is the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies, but without the impurities that give the gems their color. Activated alumina has a very high surface-area-to-weight ratio, with a lot of tunnel-like pores that run all through it. This means that there is a lot of surface area against which the water interacts, thereby breaking down the chemical makeup and removing fluoride. 

Every one of these drinking water filters removes many hundreds of contaminants including chlorine, organic-based contaminants like hormones, chemical-based drugs, arsenic, lead, heavy metals, chlorination by-products like trihalomethanes, and pesticides in much the same way that Mother Earth uses the minerals in the rocks and ground to clean water as it runs through to the aquifers.  Those listed on this page also remove fluoride. 
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