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Bottled Water

Bottled Water Is Bad for Mother Earth and Probably Bad for You and Your Family

Many think that bottled water is healthier than tap water.
(We wrote this article years ago. Is it still true? We hope less so, but still a great deal is.)  
There is no basis for this belief.

A great deal of bottled water is contaminated.  
Much of it has not been filtered, or only superficially filtered to improve taste and odor.  
Because it tastes good does not mean many of the contaminants have been removed.

We recommend that you filter and bottle your own tap water, 
to remove fluoride, chlorine, hormones and other contaminants.
(Most filters do not do all of that.  Most don't even claim to!)

And - get filtering water bottles

The NRDC did a study of 103 brands of bottled water.  Many labled "natural" or "pure" had been run through basic filters that removed bad taste and odors but not other contaminants.

The NRDC tested 103 bottled waters and found over 25% were simply tap water
Several tested failed the bacteria test.

see the 4-year NRDC study:

bottled water, water bottles, contaminated bottled water, chemicals leaching in bottled water

The Canadian government has found that plastics that contain Bisphenol A (BPA) is toxic.  
They are planning a ban on BPA in the next 60 days.  Unfortunately, 
water bottles and baby bottles contain BPA.  (4/23/08) 
Companies are responding, announcing plans to stop using BPA.

The US FDA determined not to ban BPA in March 2012.
Some bottled water has fluoride.  
See: No Fluoride.

The plastic used in bottled water can itself contaminate the water. 
The plastic used in water bottles can quickly release undesirable chemicals into the water.
bottled water, water bottles, contaminated bottled water, chemicals leaching in bottled water

In the US and many other places, you may be paying more for bottled water than for gasoline.

One study put the cost of bottled water at 7.5 times that of tap water.
A Canadian study reported that a one-liter brand-name bottle of water costs about 3,000 times more expensive than an equal amount of municipal tap water. 

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Global sales of bottled water reached $100 billion in 2005.

In 2011, 222 bottles of water were consumed per person in the U.S. This is an all-time high. We thought maybe people were coming to understand what a bad idea this is. Apparently not.

The cost to provide clean drinking water to half the 1.1 billion who need it is between
$10 and $30 billion a year.

bottled water, water bottles, contaminated bottled water, chemicals leaching in bottled water

Massive water bottling is a form of defacto privatization.

Water put in the bottles we are buying is taken from general supplies, often limiting access by others.

Water shortages near water bottling plants have been reported all over, including Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Florida and Texas.

17 million barrels of crude oil are used annually to produce the plastic used to bottle water, according to the Earth Policy Institute.

Bottled water is hauled long distances for distribution, burning massive quantities of fuel.

90% of the cost of a bottle of water is for label, cap and bottle. 

Mountainous rubbish heaps have been created all over from thrown-away bottles

We're told that it takes 450 years for plastic water bottles to decompose.
(We're not sure how they know that....) suggests that you get water filters for your kitchen,  to remove
chlorine, fluoride, volatile organic compounds like hormones.  
You want water filters that leave healthy water with the trace elements that your body needs.

And get water bottles for your family.

Buy a kitchen water filter.
Get your family their own filtering water bottles.
Stop buying bottled water.
Save money.
Save the environment.
Support your family's health.

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We have excellent Filtering Water Bottles.
We are quite certain that these are the best filtering water bottles available.
They have been hugely tested.

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Water belongs to the Earth and its people, not private companies to put in bottles and sell it back to us.

Save Water.  Filter Water.  Celebrate Water.

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