Whole House Triple Blue Iron Plus NEW .

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New configuration that offers a great alternative for those with serious iron issues. Avoids installation of a chlorination pool.  This is a remarkably affordable solution for iron.

In many, perhaps most, situations, would be used in conjuction with other filters.

This is a 3 serial cartridges whole house filter.


2 10-inch Big Blue Canisters and 1 20-inch Canister.


* Can be installed by any plumber who can read instructions
* The fittings are standard 3/4 inch for the inlet and outlet
* Water flow is up to 10 gpm!
* Housings can handle temperatures of 140 to 160 degrees!
* Pressure rating 5 to 125 psi
* Pressure loss up to 3.5 psi
* The tanks are 20 inches tall
* Dimension of each Housing is 7 3/4 inches by 24 inches
* Change whole media after 65,000 to 70,000 gallons

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