Whole House Filter Wide-Spectrum 2-Media CHLORINE Plus 600,000 gallons!

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$999.00 $929.00

Works on Hardness up to 8 grains and over 600 contaminants!



This is a GREAT whole house chlorine filter that also takes out 600 other contaminants. With this unit, top quality whole house filtration became affordable for many more families.

Includes no-salt scale removal for hardness for levels up to 8 grains/137 ppm.

The use of patented kdf cubes allow kdf and carbon to work together in a single whole house filter tank. This means one tank is needed where two were previously needed, and no backwash head is required.  This makes this unit less expensive than other whole house filters.  It has no moving parts and does not require maintenance during its lifetime.  All you need to do is change the filter media after 600,000 gallons!  The patented technology increases filtration, and allows long-lasting filtration.

Strong Water Flow!  Up to 10 gallons per minute! Pressure drop is less than 1%.  

Does not require a backwash. 

This whole house wide-spectrum including chlorine filter uses the patented process FOAM ADVANTAGE! on the kdf.  This increases effectiveness, efficiency, and length of media life.  It is better than many filters priced several hundred to thousands of dollars more!


This is a 38″ tank with an 10″ diameter for a whole house solution lasting 600,000 gallons.

This model includes REMOVAL OF CHLORINE and is a saltless alternative to a traditional water softener. For very high hardness, you need to add another filter. 

If your municipality uses chloramine, (which is harder to remove) see the Whole House Filter – Chloramine Plus. Get the right filter for what is in your water!  Check the Water Quality Report for your community or call the number on your water bill and ask them. 

The combination of kdf with carbon means that you have the right media for the contaminants you might normally find on a municipal system.  FOAM ADVANTAGE!


All of the standard whole house filters we sell contain media proven to remove many hundreds of contaminants including chromium, chlorine, chlorination byproducts, lead, heavy metals, asbestos, iron, hydrogen sulfide and hard scale. The kdf takes out heavy metals and chemical-based contaminants and the carbon removes organic contaminants. Kdf is bacteriostatic, so bacteria cannot grow in the carbon or in your house pipes.  The filtered water is somewhat softened without the addition of salts or chemicals. There are no membranes to replace.

These filters leave trace elements that the body needs in the water.  Demineralized water is not what supports health.  You wants TDS in your water indicating that minerals are included.

When the filtering mediums are exhausted – at 600,000 gallons! – get refill media to replace the used materials. 

This whole house filter will deliver clean water for drinking, cooking, showering, bathing, washing and gardening. Additionally, this whole house filter will protect your plumbing and appliances from staining, corrosion and scale that can clog flows and shorten appliance life.

To see a sample list of contaminants filtered in addition, see What Is Filtered?.


The reason to get a pre-filter is for protection should your municipality work on the water lines, putting a lot of sediment into the water. In that case, a pre-filter protects the more expensive filter media in your tank.  We recommend the Big Blue 10″.  See the pre-filter in this same section of the store.  


Replacement media for One Tank Chlorine Plus  (click the link for details.)


Click on: Frequently Asked Questions.


This whole house chlorine filter does not filter fluoride.  We do have a bundled system that includes this with a fluoride tank and a pre-filter.


The carbon, kdf and tanks used are certified by the NSF – as are all the media we use in kitchen cartridge and whole house filters.  Nothing harmful is released into the water. 

To see certifications, see Certifications.  While you are in that section, cruise around to learn more about water issues and solutions.  

TESTIMONIAL (written Feb 26, 2015)

I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased we have been with our purchase of the Whole House Chlorine Filter: 2-Media One Tank Plus water filter system. We purchased the unit April 2011 and have been using the same filter since then! What seems like a high initial cost is not the case at all, when one considers our filter has been in use for nearly 4 years and will probably be in use for another 4 years before we need to replace the filter.

The kdf with carbon filter eliminates chlorine, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals and is expected to filter 350,000 gallons of water!  (Friends of Water notes: now improved to 600,000 gallons!)

If you are looking at this website and are hedging on a purchase because of price.  Think again.  This by far is the best value in a water treatment filter you will find. 

Thanks for a great product.

Satisfied Customer

Shirley P.,  Elephant Butte, NM


  • Capacity: 600,000 gallons
  • Water Flow: 12 gpm! That’s really good!
  • Dimensions: 10″ X 38″
  • Lid unscrews when it’s time to change media
  • Temperature Ratings: 35 to 130 degrees
  • Pressure Ratings: 5 to 125 psi
  • Fittings: 3/4″ OR 1″ inlet/outlet

Email or call us with questions. [email protected] 866-482-6803. If we don’t pick up, leave a message and we’ll be back to you soon.

2 reviews for Whole House Filter Wide-Spectrum 2-Media CHLORINE Plus 600,000 gallons!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cindy Marty

    When we moved to Santa Barbara I obtained a water report from the city to identify the exact type of water filter system that would work best for the water in our area. I took this report to three different companies and none of them could explain what kind of system would be a good fit. The sales people had no idea how to answer the question I proposed. They just wanted to sell me their filter system.

    Timothy at Friends of Water spent at least an hour with me examining the city water report and identifying which type of filters would work best. Not only did I have an extremely positive customer experience when purchasing our Whole House Water System and Kitchen Fluoride Plus, it ended up costing much less than any other companies I shopped.

    From a health perspective we feel safe with our Friends of Water system. We were a family who consumed only Smart Water, now we drink our tap water and it tastes wonderful!

    Thank you Timothy and The Friends of Water Team.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Audra (verified owner)

    We just purchased our second whole house filter (combined with the under-the counter fluoride canisters) from Friends of Water (we moved and left the first one with the house). The filters work beautifully. I deal with all kinds of health issues and sensitivities, so the chlorine and fluoride in the water here cause me serious trouble. Because of the filter, I am able to have pure water for drinking and bathing. I am so thankful for the time and effort that Friends of Water puts into making such good quality filters available. For some of us, it’s the difference between feeling dreadful all the time or being able to function well and feel well.

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