Refill Whole House Filter 2-Tank, 2-Media Chloramine

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Refill Whole House Filter 2-Tank, 2-Media Chloramine with backwash head

This refill has all the filtering material you need to replenish your 2 tank whole house filtration system – the DT-CM, (the version targeting chloramines).  This is a system with a backwash.  

This is the right refill for the 2 whole house tanks if you have our Chloramines Whole House unit.

This includes 27 pounds of catalytic carbon, best for removing chloramines, plus 40 pounds of kdf 85, the kdf variant best for removing chloramines. Both filter media also filter hundreds of other contaminants.

There are two options:

  1.  Raw Media.  This is a handyman job.  Take out the old, put in the new media.
  2. Complete New Filled Tanks.  Can do it yourself, but in any case, much quicker and less involved.

You may have tanks that look blue, or white, as in the pictures.  In either case, this is the right media for the DT-CM Chloramine.


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