Natural Pool Skimmer Water Filter

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Natural Pool Skimmer Water Filter is Non-chemical natural water filtration for pools with skimmers. 5 5/8″ by 1″ disk fits directly into pool skimmer, without plumbing or installation. Takes out chlorine that irritates eyes, skin, nose, lungs and hair. (How much could you save on swim suits alone?)

As water passes through a chemical reaction releases low residual copper and zinc ions to prevent algae and fungus and kill bacteria. Includes disk guard to capture sediment that can be washed. Less work and cost to keep the pool truly clean. Cleaner, healthier and more pleasant pool experience.

Disk will handles up to 15,000 gallon pools. One disk for each pool skimmer or 15,000 gallons pool capacity. Suggested usage is for 3-5 months.  Customers have been reporting that they are lasting 6 months for them.

More info: Pool Water Purifiers.


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