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Whole House FLUORIDE Water Filter Chlorine Chloramine

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Our best-selling whole house filter system.


Product Description



Whole House Fluoride Water Filter Breakthrough Configuration:

  • This is the great two-media, one-tank wide-spectrum whole house filter for 600 plus contaminants,
  • Teamed with an affordable and effective whole house fluoride filter tank.  Media is layered through both tanks.
  • Ahead of the two tanks is a sediment filter.

This is the Chloramine version which also filters chlorine.

If you are not in Atlanta, you do not need to ADD the special pre-filter to your order.  If you are NOT in Atlanta, select “not needed.”  Atlanta and Fulton County residents:  Please see notes at bottom of this page.  

Media lasts for 350,000 gallons.

In this bundle, the media are actually layered throughout both tanks, rather than have one tank with purely fluoride filter material. This further increases the effectiveness!

Can be configured for chlorine – or for chloramine.  The chloramine version also filters out chlorine. Get the right filter for what is in your water!  Look on the web for “(your town + state) Annual Water Quality Report,” or call the number on your water bill and ask them if they use chlorine or chloramine.  Or email us with your town and state and we’ll check for you.

The carbon and the kdf used are certified by the NSF – as are all the media we use in kitchen cartridge and whole house filters.


The whole house fluoride water filter is for those whose want to filter fluoride out of the whole house in addition to all the rest. In recent times we’re hearing more about eczema being connected to fluoride exposure, and we are hearing from and about a growing number of people, children especially, who have particular sensitivities.  It may be time to get fluoride out of all the water in your house. 


In the Whole House Fluoride Water Filter Plus, the fluoride is filtered by calcium-based carbon, aka bone charcoal.  This media, when it is top-quality as in this filter, is highly effective at removing fluoride.  Most industry reports state ‘up to 90%” removal.  However extensive industry testing showed a removal rate starting at 96%!

The wide-spectrum media (kdf and carbon) will work on the other categories of contaminants that are found in municipally-treated water.  The combination of kdf with carbon means that you will be filtering the contaminants you find on a city (municipal) system. The FOAM ADVANTAGE process used to prepare the kdf means it works far better and longer than regular kdf.  The kdf adds to the effectiveness and life of the carbon. The use of the patented FOAM ADVANTAGE kdf 85 cubes allows kdf and activated catalytic carbon (each optimized for chloramine removal) to work together in the same tank. This combination works far better than other whole house filters. It requires no regular maintenance.  The result is increased filtration and long-lasting filtration.  There is no need for a backwash head or electricity, further reducing the costs.

VERY STRONG WATER FLOW! From 10 to 12 gallons per minute! 

Note:  These are real tanks, not a 7 inch canister called a tank.

Change filter media in both tanks after 350,000 gallons!  Check your water bill to see how much water you use in a year.  The media lasts most of our customers between 3 1/2 years and 4 years. 

The whole house fluoride water filter delivers better filtration than many filters priced several hundreds to thousands of dollars more!

All of the whole house filters we sell, including this one, contain media proven to remove hundreds of contaminants including chromium, chlorine, chlorination byproducts, lead, heavy metals, asbestos, iron, hydrogen sulfide and hard scale. The kdf takes out heavy metals and chemical-based contaminants.  The carbon removes organic contaminants. The filtered water is somewhat softened without the addition of salts or chemicals. There are no membranes to replace.

Before you buy this filter, please be aware of the following.  Although the media is one of the industry- proven effective fluoride filters, and of top quality, we have seen greatly varying test results from the field.   We’ve know of or have seen tests that show fluoride not detected, filtered to varying degrees, and untouched.  And those tests include some on the same water and filters.  This has led us to regretfully conclude such tests cannot be relied upon.

Home fluoride tests are unreliable, and in our experience, even fluoride lab tests often show false positives. Repeat the test, you will often get a different result. The media used has been extensively tested, proven and certified.  It appears that either the media makes it harder to get accurate results, or fluoride itself is hard to measure.  Industry testing, certification and experience is in this case, more reliable.  We wish it weren’t so, as we don’t think there are better fluoride filters available.  We use the best filter materials.

You can document bone char effectiveness with the Water Quality Association, the National Science Foundation,  Wikepedia and on and on.   Other contaminant results normally show correctly, although some variation in test results is normal.

The best proof of our fluoride filter effectiveness is shown by improved health by people made sick by fluoride.  For one example, based on many people, please read the comments on this page from a naturopath.  If you don’t feel you can trust the industry testing and Friends of Water, you may not wish to buy this filter as independent testing on site may not verify results. 

A pre-filter is included with this item.  How often you need to change the pre-filter inside varies depending upon how much sediment is in your water. Change once a year or if the water flow slows.  We suggest that in the first year you check every few months so as to learn how often you should change it. 

REFILLS  (click the links below)

SEDIMENT FILTERS  as needed:  $15.95

Fulton Country Prefilters

10″ pre-filter media  after 70,000 gallons      $99.00

20″ pre-filter media after 140,000 gallons  $190.00


     CHLORINE VERSION  after 350,000 gallons  $1149  for new tanks with new media


     CHLORAMINE VERSION after 350,000 gallons  $1679 for new tanks with new media

Uses the FOAM ADVANTAGE for kdf, increasing effectiveness over time.

To see a sample list of contaminants filtered in addition, see What Is Filtered?

To see an FAQ, click on: Frequently Asked Questions.

To see certifications of media and tanks, click on Certifications


  • Capacity: 350,000 gallons
  • Water Flow: 10 to 12 gpm! That’s really good!
  • Dimensions: Two tanks.
    • Chlorine version each is 10″ X 38″;
    • Chloramine version one tank 10″ x 38″ the other is 10″ by 44″
  • Outside dimension of pre-filter: 14″ x 7 3/4″
  • No maintenance contract required
  • Temperature Ratings: 35 to 130 degrees
  • Pressure Ratings: 5 to 125 psi
  • Fittings: 3/4″ OR 1″ inlet/outlets
  • Delivered to your home for any plumber to install
  • Install instructions are sent with the unit. However, all the plumber needs to do is cut the filters into the water line, leaving a bypass line for when the filter media is being changed. It takes some hours, but it’s not complicated.

Atlanta & Fulton County GA Residents:  In spring and again in fall, your municipal water supplier changes sources.  This means that they open up pipes that haven’t been used for half a year.  The first surge of water – and for a while – has very heavy organic concentration that is above normal and acceptable levels.  (If you were to bypass the filter during this time, the water would smell better because the chlorine covers it.  But the organics and other contaminants are still in your water.)

To address this, you need to get a special kdf pre-filter.   A 10-inch filter will last for about 70,000 gallons.  A 20-inch filter will last about 140,000 gallons.  We recommend the larger one for convenience.  

Email us at or call us with questions toll-free at 866-482-6803. If we don’t pick up, leave a message and we’ll be back to you soon.  Sometimes we’re just on another line.  At the latest, we’ll be back to you the next business morning (Pacific time).

Additional Information

Atlanta? Special Pre-filter Needed

Not needed (not in Atlanta), 10″ kdf pre-filter, 20″ kdf pre-filter

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    I couldn’t be happier with my whole house water filter. I just wish I had installed it years ago. It is so comforting to know that my family and I are not consuming all the toxic chemicals in our water especially pharmaceuticals. Friends of Water were extremely helpful in helping me determine the best system to purchase. I also looked into other systems and I felt this was the best and it was not as expensive as others I considered. I would highly recommend the system and the provider.

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