COMBO Whole House Filter wide-spectrum + Kitchen Fluoride Plus

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A  popular option offered as a bundled system with whole house and kitchen filtration.

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Whole House Filter wide-spectrum – with Kitchen Fluoride Plus

This item is a bundled whole house solution that includes a whole house filter that works on a wide-spectrum of contaminants – with a sediment pre-filter, teamed with a 2-canister Kitchen Fluoride Plus filter.

The small sediment pre-filter is essentially insurance that protects the more expensive media in the larger tank. That can especially be needed when your municipality works on the water lines and kicks up sediment.

The main whole house filter tank can be selected to work on chlorine or chloramine, depending upon which disinfectant is used by your municipality. It also filters hundreds of other contaminants including the categories of chemical, organic, heavy metal, odor and taste.  If your municipality uses both, you should get the chloramine version, as it filters both chlorine and chloramine.  Contact us with your town and state if you want us to check for you.

The kitchen filter is a 2-canister Fluoride Plus under-sink filter. The first canister holds a fluoride-filtering cartridge, the second one holds a wide-spectrum filter for a final polish of your cooking and drinking water. The greatest risks from fluoride come from ingestion, so this puts the fluoride filtration where it is most needed.

All the media are certified. To see certifications, see Certifications.  While you are in that section, cruise around to learn more about water issues and solutions.


Pre-filter      $14.95    Change once a year or if water slows. It’s a good idea to have a couple                           on hand.

Main Tank  Chlorine Plus Version   Lasts 600,000 gallons.  Cost $569 for media you                                change. Or $729 for a new filled tank.

Chloramine Plus Version    Lasts 350,000 gallons.  $799 for media you                                  change.  Or $1089 for a new filled tank, very easy to swap out.

Kitchen Filter Cartridges    Change fluoride cartridge every six months at $68.00                                                                        Change wide-spectrum every 18 months. $49.95.                                                                                Here is a link for a set with one of each.  $114.95.                                                                                   Do not go longer than these recommended timelines.


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