Well Water Filter Iron, Manganese, Radon more

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Whole House Well Water Filter Iron Plus

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Aeration System for High Iron, Manganese, Radon, Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide  & Natural Gas Well Water

This Well Water Filter Iron Plus System includes an Aeration System for High Iron, Manganese, and an air injection system with air release valve that removes natural gasses including Radon, Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide & Natural Gas.  It is an extremely robust dual tank water filtration system.  These are followed by a media filtration tank providing additional protection via multiple top-quality media.


Tanks Dimensions: 10″Diameter x 44″ Height
Max Gallons Per Minute: 10 gpm
pH Range: 6.5 – 9.5
Maximum Iron Level: 20 ppm
Maximum Manganese Level: 7 ppm
Maximum Hydrogen Sulfide Level: 11 ppm

The air pump uses minimal electricity which is triggered by a flow switch.  This quiet aeration system is only turned on when water is currently being used


In a specifically-designed sequence, this system processes the water using a patented mass transfer tube, multiple oxidation processes & deep multi-media filtration.

 Mass Transfer Tube

Aeration is the process of mixing air into water. This causes dissolved materials such as iron and manganese to oxidize. They can tney be readily filtered. A patented mass transfer tube is activated by a flow switch. This allows the system to oxidize in real time. Therefore the aeration process occurs when water is in demand.  This solves the problem found with other systems where the aeration process is only activated when the well pump is running.  That does not necessarily cycle on when water is flowing to the home.  As a result, not all the water is aerated.  Therefore not all the water has had the contaminants removed.

The mass transfer tube injects air directly into the water and agitates it. This creates countless micro air bubbles.  These micro air bubbles provide increased surface contact area, resulting in faster and more thorough oxidation.

   Aeration Tank

After being injected with air by the mass transfer tube, the water enters into the aeration tank.  There it undergoes a second oxidation process.  The aeration tank is equal in size to the media tank.  This further increases oxidation, unlike systems that use a smaller aeration tank, which  provide less contact time between oxygen and water.

In the aeration tank harmful gases (such as hydrogen sulfide, VOC’s [volitile organic compounds], radon, and methane) are expelled.  Unlike many other aeration tanks, the aeration tank is fitted with an air vent on top which allows for continuous, real time air exchange.  The aeration tank does not need to be drained.

If located in an enclosed environment, this air release valve needs to be vented to the outdoors by an air duct to the outdoors.  This prevents gasses from building up in the home.

The aeration system is designed to minimize the clogging of valves and maintain a strong water pressure.

   Filtration Tank Housing Depth Filtration Media

On exiting the aeration tank, the water enters the filtration tank.  There it enters a proprietary depth filtration combination of media.  These multiple media have different filtering properties, and are layered in a unique manner.   This allows the water to saturate all of the media.  In other system designs, once the top level of media has been saturated with pollutants the water can no longer flow all the way through the entire media bed, which prevents effective filtration.

The proprietary blend of media used in this system provides clean, fresh water by removing high levels of iron, manganese, sediment, and other contaminants to extremely low levels.


This Well Water Filter Iron Plus resolves many of the common problems found in well water in an effective and affordable package.

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