Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle. Xtra Filter FREE

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A free Replacement Filter each bottle ordered  No Logo on Bottle.


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Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle

This stainless steel filtering water bottle is on sale.  

AND right now, your order comes with one filter inside the bottle, and a free extra Advanced filter. (Only while supply of replacement filters lasts.)


This stainless steel filtering water bottle is designed for use with treated municipal water.  It works on a wide spectrum of contaminants covering all the categories or organic, chemical, metal, odor and taste.  It filters fluoride. Independent lab tests show 89% fluoride removal, but actual results will vary.  We expect that level of filtration to decline over time.

The manufacturer recommendation is to change the filters every 100 gallons or once a year.  Be sure to replace filters as recommended.

The water is filtered when you pull the water up through a straw.  So you must hold the bottle below your mouth, don’t tip it up as though you were drinking from a glass.

This item is only available in blue, and only as long as supplies last.

In stock.  Ships quickly.

Replacement Filter is included with the purchase of the bottle.  Do not add another unless you want more than one replacement filter.  Refill.




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