BreatheFresh Room Air Purifier GREAT FILTER & VALUE!

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We’ve handled other lines previously. We like this one better. Great air purifier and a great value.

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BreatheFresh Room Air Purifier                       Free Shipping in the States

Highly recommended!  This is a great room air purifier.  The BreatheFresh Room Air Purifier is an exceptional value as compared to others in the market.  It delivers notably greater levels of air filtration.  This room air purifier will do more than units that sell for $500 and $600.

We like to sell the best products that do what they should and are priced right.  We have previously handled two lines of other air purifiers. They were quite good.  This one is better.  It is highly effective, using new patented technology.

This room air purifier design is really nice and it is compact.  The controls are neat.  The FOAM ADVANTAGE patent-processed media works to clean the air.  Plus these include a very effected patented new media, known as 5D.

This air filter really does a great job!  The Friends of Water founders are using it in our bedroom and love it.  On top of all the rest, we like that you can turn the room air purifier light off at night when we are running it.


This is a home or office room air purifier.  Made in America


Appropriate for use as a room air purifier where you want to filter the air of potentially harmful air pollutants and odors.  In summer, remember that bacteria may actually breed in your A/C.  Exit filters from air conditioners remove some sediment, not other airborne pollutants.  In winter, your house air is recirculating and you will benefit bu having it purified.


The BreatheFresh Air Purifier will remove airborne chemicals, volatile organic compounds, gasses, smoke and odors. In other words it will filter whatever needs filtering in your situation, and will take out air pollutants even as they change in your environment. In short, they very effectively filter out all the categories of air pollutants.

  •  Bacteria
  •  Odors
  •  Dust
  •  Allergens
  •  Other particulate matter
  •  Chemicals
  •  Mold
  •  Ammonia
  •  VOCs
  •  Gasses
  •  Smoke

This means it will work in any situation including newly painted or newly carpeted rooms.

  • True HEPA Filtration for Removes 99.9% of Dust, Pollen, Allergens & Other particulate.
  • Patented Reticulated Carbon & Zeolite for Chemicals, Smoke, Volatile Organic Compounds & 99.99% of Odors.
  • Revolutionary Reticulated 5D Media Virtually Eliminates Microbial Contaminants (Mold, Bacteria, Etc.).
  • Energy Star Approved, Ultra Quiet Housing.
  • Automated 2hr, 4hr & 8hr Cycle Settings @ 4 Different Fan Speeds (including Turbo Mode!).
  • Powered by Exclusive Patented Foam Advantage Technology.

This chart demonstrates how smaller carbon particles can be used in this system, vastly increasing the surface area for air purification.


  • HEPA for removal of bacteria, allergens, dust and other particulates
  • Patented FOAM ADVANTAGE technology
  • FOAM ADVANTAGE Proprietary Reticulated Minerals for chemicals, VOCs, Gasses and 100% of odors
  • Enhanced with powerful toxin-adsorbing Zeolite
  • Acid-washed Coconut Shell Carbon

The FOAM ADVANTAGE patented process, long available in most of the water filters we sell, has now been applied to air purifiers.  This means that each of the media used in this system has 50 times the toxin-absorbing surface of the same media not processed by the FOAM ADVANTAGE.

Here you can see the certification for the carbon used in this air purifier.  But remember that this carbon has been processed using the patented FOAM ADVANTAGE, which has many benefits.  As compared to block carbon, a really big advantage is that a great deal of what is in a carbon block is actually glue or resin, that covers a large portion of the carbon particle’s surface area.

Because the media has been processed using The FOAM ADVANTAGE, the media is highly porous and will not clog.  Thus there won’t be an air pressure drop over time as the air purifier is used, unlike carbon block purifiers.

This air filter will clean the air in a 155 sq. ft. room 5 times an hour!  In a large space will also do a great job, but will clean all the air less frequently.  For example, in a 400 sq. ft. room the air will be cleaned twice an hour.

  • Size: 12.5″ x 8″ x 14″
  • Weight: 6.3 LBs


Breathe Fresh Air Purifier Refills  (once a year)

If you are dealing with an extreme odor issue, change the filter when the issue reappears.

The exit filter can be back-washed, and needs to be.

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Weight 6.3 lbs


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