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Rockano Aromatherapy Diffuser


Rockano Aromatherapy Diffuser

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The Rockano Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier is the newest design from Quooz.  We like this product and are pleased to add it to the top-of-the-line products we offer.

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ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY.  The Rockano Aromatherapy Diffuser uses ultrasonic aromatherapy technology.  This is the most advanced and effective way to diffuse water.  Ultrasonic uses electric frequency to create vibrations. These vibrations evaporate the oil diffusing it into the air.  Using ultrasonics is better because heat can break down the oils and interfere with the benefits.  Ultrasonic diffusion also produces negative ions that can calm the body and the surrounding environment.

ADD ESSENTIAL OILS.  You can add a few drops of your choice of essential oils or fragrant oil. Be sure you are using natural plant oils.  You can use citrus oils.  But you can’t leave citrus oils sitting in the diffuser.  If you use citrus oil, please clean out the inside of your Rockano within 24 hours.

HUMIDIFIER.  There are two mist options with the Rockano!

HIGH CAPACITY. The Rockano Aromatherapy Diffuser holds 200 ml, which results in a long diffusing time. Will operate up to 8-10 hours.  (Level of moisture in the air already will have an effect.)

AUTO SHUT- OFF.  When the water drops to a low point, the Rockano Diffuser automatically shuts off.  This delivers safety, energy efficiency, and peace of mind- especially for use at night.

SOOTHING LIGHT. The soft lighting can be set to your preferred brightness. If you prefer, you can turn off the light entirely, or set it to “breathing” mode to cause the Lull to light up gradually and slowly fade down.  You may find this pulse helps you with therapeutic breathing. It helps create a calming environment, mirroring  natural rhythm.

VARIOUS COLORS: Choose from blue, peach or toffee.


  • Quiet Diffusion
  • 2 Mist Options: Strong and moderate
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Includes a/c adapter
  • Energy- saving adjustable LED lighting
  • Super large capacity
  • Diffuses ultrasonically at 2.4million Hz/second
  • Multiple benefits: Aroma Diffuser, Ionizer, Humidifier + Nightlight


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