Replacement filters for Seychelle FlipTop Stainless + Plastic Bottles STANDARD

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Does what the regular version does and more.

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Product Description

Seychelle Bottle Refills.

These are the replacement filters for ALL of the Seychelle Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottles we sell, or have ever sold.  AND for any FLIP TOP plastic bottles we ever sold

These are STANDARD Seychelle bottle refills – replacement filters.  The Standard is now discontinued, but we stocked up, knowing many of our customers prefer this option.   Does ALL that the regular filters do AND MORE.

These are STANDARD filters use on municipally-treated water and outdoor use. They will filter fluoride, giardia, cryptosporidium and ecoli. They do all that the REGULAR filters do – and more.  This variety is no longer manufactured, but we still have a supply.

List price is $20.95 each. We sell for less.




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