Replacement filter Water Filter Pitcher RADIATION

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Replacement filter FITS THE PITCHER WE SOLD FOR SEVERAL YEARS THROUGH 2015.   Nothing has changed with this.  If you’ve purchased them from us before, this is still the right replacement filter to get.  These filters will not fit the ‘Generation 2’ reservoir now used with the regular filter pitcher.

This is the REPLACEMENT Water Filter Pitcher RADIATION.

This has Radiation, Fluoride and and everything else filtered by the Regular Municipal pitcher filter.

THE RECOMMENDATION IS THAT YOU CHANGE FILTERS EVERY SIX to EIGHT MONTHS OF USE. Replacement water pitcher filters last for 200 gallons in MOST circumstances. Actual usage determines whether you need to change filters more often. A very small percentage of customers find that filters need to be changed more often.

Key Features:

* Filter radiation
* Delivers strong water flow
* Water filter pitcher manufacturers suggests a replacement filter every 6 months. There have been a very few customers who had to change more often.
* Normally filters up to 200 gallons of water before changing filters
* Tested by independent laboratories, including the County of Los Angeles, using EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53
* BPA Free! Non-leaching.
* This is a “Standard” filter PLUS radiation

For the Radiation filter, it works best if once a month you ‘wet’ it as you do with a new filter.


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