Replacement filter Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher, Gen 2 FREE SHIP


These Generation 2 refills fit the Generation 2  Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher.  As shown in the photo, this filter has two parts.

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Replacement filter for Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher Fluoride Plus Generation 2

THIS IS THE REPLACEMENT filter for the Seychelle water filter pitcher, which are the right filters for the only pitcher we sell.

Select quantity of 1 to get a single replacement filter with 2 filter parts.


The Seychelle water filter pitchers and replacement pitcher filters we sell reduce fluoride.

This pitcher filter is designed for municipally-treated water, not outdoor usage.

Independent test results show fluoride filtered up to 89%. Independent testing shows nearly all contaminants are removed at levels above 90%. Chlorination byproducts (the risk with chlorine) were removed at 99.6% or better in independent tests.  These results are expected to trail down over usage, so be sure to change your filters in a timely manner.

Change replacement filters for Seychelle Water Filter Pitchers every six to eight months. Filters last for up to 200 gallons in most circumstances. A very small percentage of customers find that filters need to be changed more often.

Key Features:

  • Delivers strong water flow
  • Normally change filters every six to eight months
  • Normally filters up to 200 gallons of water before changing filters
  • Tested by independent laboratories, including the County of Los Angeles, using EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53
  • BPA Free! Non-leaching.
  • This is a “Regular” filter, which is designed for use on municipal water


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