Replacement Filter for Pelican Shower Filters


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Replacement Filters for NEW Pelican Shower Filter.  FITS ALL PELICAN SHOWER FILTERS WE OFFER.

INCLUDES KDF, Granulated CARBON and Far-Infrared Volcanic Media. 

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Filter targets chlorine.  Will also reduce other contaminants.


Most appropriate for municipalities using chlorine.  Fits all the Pelican Shower Filters we offer.


Most chlorine is removed.  This top-quality shower filter will also reduce herbicides, pesticides, chlorination byproducts, lead, copper, mercury and other heavy metals.  Somewhat softens water naturally.

Please note: The primary risk of fluoride is from ingestion. Fluoride does not release into the air to be breathed in, like chlorine and chloramine. Not is it readily absorbed through the skin like them.  The primary risk from showering is the disinfectant. 

For information on chlorine, click on: Chlorine .

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3-Stages of Water Filtration 
Stage 1 – KDF Copper and Zinc Oxidation Media
Filters chlorine and other contaminants from your shower water.
Stage 2 – GAC Carbon Media
Includes a special blend of steam activated carbon media. This is designed to filter out synthetic chemicals and unpleasant odors. Your water will smell fresh and clean.
Stage 3 – Far Infrared Balls
Far-Infrared emitting volcanic media induce reduced or negative ions into the water. This results in lower surface tension in the water allowing for better hydration of hair and skin. This also makes the water feel softer on your hair and skin.


    • Filter lasts 15,000 gallons or 750 ten minute showers
      (manufacturer suggests average replacement every 9 months; our experience suggests that once a year is fine for most situations.)
    • ‘Quick Connect’ for simple and easy filter change
    • Easy Installation – no tools required
    • The Shower Filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 177 for the
      reduction of free available chlorine by KDF Fluid Treatment Laboratory.
    • Tests show chlorine filtration starts at 100% removal, and slowly drops to between 93% and 97% removal at 12,000 gallons


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