Pink TurboShower Filter Chlorine

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The Pink TurboShower is a Friends of Water exclusive. This filter removes chlorine, which otherwise is absorbed through the skin.

For more information, click on: PINK TurboShowers.

This shower filter uses a kdf water filter made with a special patented process that removes chlorine, which some studies indicate can be carcinogenic. We absorb more chlorine from baths and showers than drinking water.

The PINK TurboShower screws right onto your shower pipe and any standard showerhead screws onto it.

Skin will stay more supple and smooth, and hair silkier and more manageable as the water is naturally softened.

The PINK TurboShower also reduces:
* lead
* copper
* mercury
* heavy metals
* dirt
* sediment
* odors

Your shower will stay cleaner longer because
* lime scale
* mold
* mildew deposits are reduced.

FILTER MEDIA FACTS: The TurboShower water filter uses the patented powder kdf PowerDisk filter pads. Other kdf filters use granulated material. The FOAM ADVANTAGE  technology dramatically increases the surface area thereby increasing the contact time leading to greater filtration. The processed kdf is far more effective than kdf not processed in this way.

The filter disc should be replaced once a year.  When you get replacements, order the TSR-104 replacement disks.


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