ÖKO Odyssey Water Filter Plus


A unique multi-purpose unit for filtration, lighting and more.

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ÖKO Odyssey Filtering Water Bottle …. and more.

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The OKO Odyssey filtering water bottle includes two different filters. One is for use around town – on municipally treated water. The other is for when you need a higher level of filtration, as when traveling internationally, are outdoors, or have an emergency.

The OKO Odyssey filtering water bottle is more than that, though. It can be used as a flashlight, or by reversing the lamp into the bottle, as a lantern. There is a strap you can use to hang it, which can be especially useful as a lantern. You have the option to detach the lamp from the bottom and attach a little storage container. This can be useful for packing a little snack.

But it does even more.  In the event of an emergency you can set your lamp to serve as a pulsing emergency strobe.

This is one of the neatest products we’ve seen in a long time.  If you are a world-traveler, a trekker or camper, or you want to have one around the house or in your car – you’ll be glad you have an ÖKO Odyssey.

Level-1 Filter

One filter on your filtering water bottle is carbon-based. The filter meets NSF Std. 42 for reduction of chlorine, taste and odor. It is designed for use with tap water. It provides a fast water flow with a 100 gallon (378 liter) capacity.

Level-2 Filter

This level 2 filter was originally designed for use in NASA space stations.  The filter media has been laboratory tested to remove 99.9999% of giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium and other seriously harmful contaminants from water. The filter may be used in over 140 countries.  The level 2 filter also has a capacity of 100 gallons (378 liters). We understand that many Friends of Water customers will use this filter regularly for extra protection.

Storage Container / Cup

Threaded to the bottom of the unit, the storage unit has a capacity of 8 fluid ounces. It’s a handy place to keep a snack or to store your keys and/or medicine. And, you can use it as a drinking cup!


The Odyssey storage unit can be swapped up with a flashlight!  With a bright LED light and a single reflective lens, it delivers serious lighting on demand.  Uses 3 x AAA batteries.


The flashlight may be reversed and threaded onto the bottle. This turns your bottle into a lantern!  The slight concave shape of the bottom of the bottle acts as a lens to spread the light. The handle on top of the bottle becomes a hanger hook to hang from a tree or a tent.


An added mode on the flashlight/lantern unit gives you a flashing emergency strobe. Stranded in a broken down car, or in a disaster or emergency, once again the Odyssey is there!

OKO Odyssey Specs

* Weight 4.5 ounces
* Height 11 inches
* Diameter 3 inches
* Capacity 650 ml / 22 ounces


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