Water Ball – instead of a filtering pitcher. Great also for travel.

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A breakthrough new product that eliminates the need to buy a filtering pitcher. Use the Water Ball to very quickly filter water very thoroughly into whatever pitcher, glass, or other container you wish.  Contains long-proven media and a new and remarkable certified media. Uses the FOAM ADVANTAGE on all media, which increases effectiveness and extends the life of the media.

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Water Ball Refills  (click the link)

This is a breakthrough product.  Unlike other pitcher filters, the Water Ball is bacteriocidal and prevents the growth of algae, mold & bacteria. Uses only the best-quality filter materials, including kdf, pre-washed carbon, and a great new certified material called 5D.  The result is very effective filtration very quickly – and long-lasting filter media.  Replacement filters are very easy to put in.

Comes with strapping.  You can place it at top of container, hold it, or hang it.  See the photos.

The Water Ball very effectively filters:

  • Chlorine
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chemically-based contaminants
  • Organically-based contaminants
  • Odor & Taste
  • Reduces Fluoride by 30% to 40%

Note:  Many filtering pitcher only work on odor and taste – and do not actually filter out chlorine and other contaminants.  This delivers real filtration, and does it fast!

NOTE:  IF YOUR WATER BALL FILTER DRIES OUT:  Just put water into it and shake the Water Ball downward to start the water flowing again.  It’s quick and easy to do.


Water Ball Refills


  • REALLY FAST FLOW – Enjoy a freshly filtered glass of water in just a few seconds
  • If you wish, stop storing water in your fridge; get it ‘on demand’ from your tap!
  • Use whatever pitcher, glass, pot or container you wish!
  • Portable & travel-friendly
  • Proprietary patented reticulated (FOAM) filtration media
  • Enhanced with powerful kdf &  high purity Coconut Shell Carbon


  • Lasts for 6 months or 180 gallons
  • Flow-through rate 5x faster than typical filtering pitchers
  • Comes with strapping. You can place it on your container, hold it or hang it
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Portable, travel-friendly  (we put it in a sealed baggie)
  • Proprietary patented FOAM filtration media, Enhanced with powerful kdf & top quality coconut shell carbon



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