Garden Water Filter Chloramine

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Filter the water going on your garden. Reduces chloramine, heavy metals, lime, salts.

This garden water filter easily screws onto your outside water faucet. (Don’t over-tighten.) You then screw your hose or “hose splitter” onto the filter. It’s completely simple. For optimal filtration change filter disks once a year.

The reason this garden filter is able to remove some chloramine while others can’t is the patented process used in fashioning the kdf filter material into what looks like a woven hockey puck. The kdf is powerderized and shaped. This increases the contact time between the water and filter material resulting in greater filtration.

This filter will likely remove up to about half of the chloramines.  Run the water more slower to get the higher results.  It’s not all – but better to greatly reduce chloramines than not.

TO TEST THE EFFECTIVENESS, you cannot use the standard OTO test used for pools and such. You need to use a DPD1 test to get accurate results. 



Replacement filter disks for GardenMate/Aquamate


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