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A deluxe filtering hand-held showerhead.  Fits any standard US bathroom shower.  If there is a pipe where a showerhead goes, this will fit it. Targets chlorine in particular.  Chrome finish.


Most often used for municipal systems.  Not suitable if your municipality adds ammonia changing the chlorine to chloramine.  Ask them or contact us to check for you.  An excellent choice showerhead – good looking and well made.  But if you have very hard water that you haven’t softened, this is not the best one to get.


Chlorine is removed from 90 to 99%. These filtering handheld showerhead filters have been NSF tested and exceed NSF Standard 177 for chlorine removal.

Chlorine is the primary risk from showering and bathing.

Please note: The primary risk of fluoride is from ingestion. Fluoride does not release into the air to be breathed in, like chlorine. Not is it readily absorbed through the skin like chlorine.

For information on chlorine, click on: Chlorine .


These work like any handheld showerhead, and filter your water along the way.

The filter is attached to the base, not the showerhead, so you are not adding the weight of the filter to your hand-held head.

Water flow is strong.

FILTER MEDIA FACTS: This filtering showerhead has granulated kdf material. It has a proprietary blend of regular and fine kdf 55.


  • Chrome finish
  • 8 spray functions
  • Strong water flow
  • Rubber grip dial for easy, no-slip rotation
  • Removes chlorine up to 99%
  • Easy-to-change filter cartridge
  • Change filter inside every 6 to 9 months or as needed
  • If you start smelling chlorine, you’ve waited too long
  • Normally ships by the next business day
Weight 2 lbs


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