Evaporative Dry Cooling Vests DryKewl 6031

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Evaporative Cooling DryKewl Ultra Sport Vest 6031

Users can expect the evaporative cooling fabric to provide temperatures that are 15 – 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature, depending on airflow.

  • Pull-over vest with mesh ventilation and scoop neck
  • Ideal for anyone who doesn’t like wet cooling vests
  • Can provide 4 + hours of cooling relief per soaking
  • Lightweight, easy to activate, and durable
  • Comfortable quilted nylon outer with HyperKewl™ fabric inner, water repellent nylon liner, and black poly-cotton trim
  • Sizes:
    • S       Chest 34 – 36
    • M      Chest 37 – 39
    • L       Chest 40 – 42
    • XL    Chest  43 – 45
    • 2XL Chest 46 – 48
    • 3XL  Chest 49 – 51


These dry cooling vests use the patented HyperKewl™ fabric.  These cooling vests provide the benefits of evaporative cooling, while you stay dry. The HyperKewl™ fabric has been wrapped it in a waterproof fabric that allows evaporation to occur.  Water stays inside the vest.

DryKewl™ dry cooling vests are easily charged and re-charged. To recharge, remove the insert, soak it, and put it back in the vest.  No soaking of the vest.   Enjoy hours of comfortable cooling.

How the DryKewl Dry Cooling Vests Work

DryKewl™ dry cooling vests utilize the patented HyperKewl™ fabric.  In combination with specially prepared nylon this keeps the  water inside, but allows air to flow through. You use of a HyperKewl™ insert in the vest between the nylon. You are cooled through evaporation, but remain dry.

Please note: High humidity (90%+) will diminish the fabric’s ability to evaporate water and therefore will not provide cooling.

Each garment comes with a hang tag and a care label that explains how to use and care for the vest.

How to Activate

  • Remove insert from inside carrier & soak in water for 2-3 minutes
  • Gently squeeze out excess water from insert
  • Replace insert in carrier utilizing velcro strips
  • Enjoy cooling from evaporation of water in insert
  • Insert will remain hydrated for hours and can be re-hydrated by following above steps

Who uses these vests:  anyone who works or plays in warm weather
Best conditions for use – warm, dry climates
How are these different?  These use specially-designed fibers to provide uniform cooling.

Stay Cool

Tips for Staying Cool. Avoid Heat Stroke.


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