Countertop Radiation Water Filter

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This is a 3-canister water filter with 3 radiation filtering cartridges. This is the unit for the highest levels of radiation protection because it has the most filter media targeting radiated materials.

The countertop version does not need installation, you just screw the diverter onto your faucet.


Triple radiation filtration plus many other contaminants. Cartridges can be swapped out as desired for fluoride, chloramine, or other contaminant filtration.


* radiated iodine
* strontium
* cesium
* plutonium
* uranium
* all other radiated cationic and anionic isotopes
* chlorine
* chlorination by-products like trihalomethane
* mtbe
* sediment
* bad taste
* organic pesticides
* hormones
* organic pharmaceuticals
* odors


These filters all use only materials known to do what is needed and add nothing harmful to the water. The radiation-filtering material are known and used in industrial settings. Ion exchange is used by the resins. The resins do not become radioactive because the positive and negative charges attract to each other and, in the process, become a different substance.

The more filter material the higher the level of filtration. This is a unit with lots of the right filter materials to take out radiation contamination. Water flows over and through several filter media targeting radiation. Includes a lot of carbon, so a wide range of other contaminants are removed.

Trace elements the body needs stay in the water!

Water flow is excellent.

This unit contains:

* THREE CARTRIDGES targeting radiation contamination. Sediment filters are between each of the layers. First granulated activated carbon which filters a wide range of radiation contamination (and more); then media to focus on strontium and cesium; then a media bed of combined cationic and anionic resins to filter the range of radiated isotopes, and finally another layer of carbon to further filter and polish the water. Enlarge illustration to the left to see the cartridge – used 3 times in this filter.

* All the cartridges we sell are the same size. So you could get a system with 3 radiation cartridges, but when you wish, swap out for cartridges that focus on fluoride or other contaminants.

For more information including a diagram of the radiation cartridge, see Radiation Filters.

To see a page including a sample list of contaminants filtered BY CARBON, see What Is Filtered?.


Radiation Filter Cartridges  This unit comes with 3 Radiation Cartridges.  You can substitute others if you wish, for example, fluoride or chloramine cartridges. 


Unlike reverse osmosis filters, these do not strip your water of the trace elements the body needs, you don’t have to store water in a small tank, and you don’t waste up to 70% of the water by throwing it and the contaminants back into the environment! Ceramic filters do not waste water like R/O. They do primarily use ‘pore size’ filtering.

The outside looks similar to other kitchen canister units sold by others, but the fixtures are the highest quality, and there is more of the right filter material – resulting in greater and longer-lasting filtration. THAT IS HOW FILTERING HAPPENS!


Everything you need is included.

* Three radiation filter cartridge (RN-1)
* Free plastic wrench to make changing cartridges easier


* The countertop unit is 4.5″ deep, 12″ high, and 15″ wide
* Replace radiation cartridge every 6 to 12 months


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