Countertop Radiation Fluoride Chloramine Filter

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This is a 3-canister water filter in a countertop housing.


This is the best if you want to filter chloramine, fluoride and radiation plus hundreds of other contaminants. Available in versions for under the kitchen sink (needs a plumber), or for your countertop (no plumber needed).

The radiation cartridge will remove any type of ionic radioactive contaminant including Uranium, Plutonium and other heavy metal.

We do not recommend one fluoride-filtering media over the other.  We offer two because they both work well.  Just pick one.

WHAT IS FILTERED?  (short sample list) 

* fluoride
* chloramine
* radiated iodine
* strontium
* cesium
* plutonium
* uranium
* all other radiated cationic and anionic isotopes
* chlorine
* chlorination by-products like trihalomethane
* perchlorate
* mtbe
* heavy metal
* chromium
* lead
* sediment
* algae
* molds
* scale
* bad taste
* pesticides
* hormones
* pharmaceuticals
* odors

The FDA has certified KDF as releasing nothing harmful into the water. The EPA has certified KDF as compliant with Standards 61 & 42.

To see an article on chloramine vs. chlorine, click on: Chloramine.


Water flows over and through several filter media designed to remove fluoride, chloramine, radiation and a very wide range of contaminants. Different filter media select for targeting contaminants.

There are 6 sediment stages and 7 different types of media, in 7 other layers, using multiple filtration methods. The types of filtration include ‘pore opening’, magnetic attraction, catalytic action using reduction-oxidation, electroplating, ANION AND CATION ION EXCHANGE, reshaping of hardness ions and adsorption. An environment harmful to bacteria, algae and fungus is created. The water acts softer.

Trace elements the body needs stay in the water!

Water flow is excellent.

This unit contains:

* FIRST CARTRIDGE: A sediment filter and a full pound and half of activated alumina to remove fluoride. (This is not aluminum.) …….. OR you can select calcium-based carbon to filter fluoride.  The effectiveness is equivalent. CHOOSE ABOVE.

* SECOND CARTRIDGE targets radiation. Sediment filters are between each of the other media. First granulated activated carbon which filters a wide range of radiation contamination; then media to focus on strontium and cesium; then a media bed of combined cationic and anionic resins to filter the range of radiated isotopes, and finally another layer of carbon to further filter and polish the water.


– Sediment filters at start and finish

– Kdf 85 – 1 1/4 pounds! Especially effective at filtering chloramine, chemically-based contaminants and heavy metals. Works on radiated iodine. Kdf is bacteriostatic, preventing bacteria from growing in the carbon or your water.  Uses the FOAM ADVANTAGE.

– Granulated Catalytic Carbon – a full pound (that’s 453 grams) of top-grade pre-washed granulated catalytic carbon! Works especially well against organic-based contaminants and further filters radiation. Best carbon for mtbe.

For more information on the radiation cartridges, see Radiation Filters.

For more info on chloramine see this page: Chloramine.

For more on fluoride, click here: Fluoride Risks.


The outside looks similar to other kitchen canister units sold by others, but the fixtures are the highest quality, and there is more of the right filter material – resulting in greater and longer-lasting filtration. THAT IS HOW FILTERING HAPPENS!


Radiation Cartridge

Fluoride Cartridge

Chloramine Plus Cartridge


Everything you need!

* One fluoride filter cartridge
* One radiation filter cartridge (RN-1)
* One chloramine-focused, plus cartridge (CR1) cartridge
* Plastic wrench to make changing cartridges easier
* Diverter to attach to your kitchen faucet


* Select Activated Alumina or Calcium-based Carbon to filter fluoride.  They both work well – it’s your choice.  If you can’t decide, throw a dart.  We don’t recommend one over the other.


* The size of the unit is 4.5″ deep, 12″ high, and 15″ wide 
* Replace radiation cartridge every 6 to 12 months
* Replace Fluoride cartridge every 6 months
* Replace Wide-spectrum filter once a year.


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