Countertop Filter Wide-Spectrum

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White kitchen countertop water filter. When you want to filter your water, pull a tab to send water from your faucet, through the filter, and back to the end of your sink faucet.  Water flow is terrific!  Great value for the quality and quantity of filter materials and fixtures.

Uses the great combination of copper-zinc kdf and a full pound (453 grams) of granulated coconut shell carbon, for great and long-lasting filtering. Removes chlorine, chlorination by-products, mtbe, pharmaceuticals, sediment, algae, molds, scale, bad taste, odors and hundreds of contaminants. Carbon lasts much longer, water is more natural. Bacteria cannot grow in the carbon because of the copper-zinc. Filters last a full year – ard really do the job the whole time! (See replacement filter cartridges to the left under “Related Items”.)

Unit is 12″ x 4″.


Standard Wide-Spectrum Filter Cartridge

For this single-canister filter, we recommend the KR101N.  You absolutely can get the upgraded KR101A, but with the finer mesh, you may need to change it more often to keep a strong water flow.

Price includes filter cartridge with sediment filters, kdf and carbon, all parts and a plastic wrench to make changing filters easier.

To see a list of contaminants filtered, see What Is Filtered?.


“The water we enjoy from our countertop filter is so delicious and smooth – it’s buttery. There was only one bottled water that I’ve tasted that compares, Fiji water – but now I prefer our filtered tap water. Our family is spoiled.

L.P.  Hawaii


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