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Evaporative Cooling Vests.  6529 HyperKewl Standard Sport Cooling Vests

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Cooling vests use evaporative cooling to keep you cool.  This version of the cooling vest has an open neck.  The high-neck style in cooling vests can deliver more cooling, but some prefer the feel of this open-neck style.  Put the cool vest in water for a couple of minutes to charge.

All size/color combos listed in the pull-down options are in our warehouse and normally ship by the next business day.  We can custom-make vests with 2-week lead time.

6529 HyperKewl Standard Sport Cooling Vests

* V-neck front with zipper closure
* Cost-effective, extended relief from heat stress
* Lightweight, durable, reusable and washable; non-toxic
* Provides 3 -8 hours of cooling relief per soaking
* Recharge for more hours of cooling in a flash!
* Comfortable, quilted nylon outer fabric with polymer embedded inner fabric
* Water-repellent nylon liner
* Black cotton-poly elastic trim
* Available colors: Khaki, Blue
* Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL & Custom.  Allow 3 to 4 weeks for custom manufacture.

To see a sizing chart for this Cooling Vest, click on: Cool Vest Sizes.

Easy to Use

1. Wash in mild, soapy water (to avoid staining of clothes)
2. Soak garment in cool water for 1-3 minutes
3. Gently squeeze out excess water
4. Wear; repeat steps as needed to recharge
5. Hang to dry when you are done using your cool vest

To see an overview page on Cooling Vests on our main site, click on: Cool Vests.

To see a sizing chart for this Cooling Vest, click on: Cool Vest Sizes.

WE RECOMMEND YOU LEAN TOWARD BUYING UP ONE SIZE.  They do not need to be tight to work well.  Most people wear them over clothes.  There is no need for a tight fit.

1 review for Cooling Vests 6529

  1. David Hagenbuch (verified owner)

    Works very well, i have tried it in some fairly hot weather and no complaints, it surprisingly keeps you cool enough to work outside for a few hours. I work in construction and planning on buying more.

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