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We find this style particularly attractive.  This vest has a lovely curved design, made with studs and crystals, high on the front and repeated on the back.

And one large Moss Green.

Uses evaporative cooling to keep you cool.

* Lightweight, durable, reusable and spot-washable
* Decorated high on the front and back on both sides with studs and crystals
* Vest has panel shaping at the waist and center back
* Cool vest is hip length and shorter in the front
* Extended relief from heat stress
* Provides 4.5 to 8 hours of cooling relief per soaking
* Recharge in 10 – 30 seconds in water – NO LONGER!
* Zipper front opens from both the top and bottom
* The white vest has white binding, all the other colors have black binding
This cooling process has been laboratory tested in a heat chamber at 114 degrees. In EVERY test, the fabric, with a separate temperature sensor, maintained a temperature lower by 20 to 25 degrees for a period of 4 1/2 hours. before beginning to climb. Immersing the cloth in water for 10 – 30 seconds immediately brought the temperature down to the same 20 – 25% cooler range.

To see an overview page about Ladies Cool Vests, click on: Women’s Cool Vests.

Size ……. ELarge…….
Chest …… 42……….
Waist ……. 41……….
Hip ……….. 43……….
Back Length… 25……….
Front Length… 22 1/2…..

It is normal for some “beads” to escape after the first few times you get your product wet. You can just remove these gently with a cloth.

Washing Instructions:

SPOT wash with cool water and a gentle care soap like Woolite. Allow to flat dry or hang dry.

DO NOT use a washing machine or tumble dryer. That would damage the patented inner fibers of the garment and your vest would lose its cooling properties.


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