Air Purifier + Humidifier + Aromatherapy Diffuser BIG DISCOUNT

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Great any time, including for smoke, pollen, and particulate matter. Won’t clog like other air purifiers, as it uses water to filter the air!

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Aqua Air Air Purifier Uses Water!

This is an excellent small air purifier and light humidifier.  It also serves as an aromatherapy diffuser.  The Aqua Air purifies air Mother Nature’s way – with water!  Water and a natural electrostatic screen filter clean the air.


Please note:  the outside of the product boxes are worn from the wholesale shipping.  See photo.  The air purifier is new.

This is the original air purifier humidifier!  There are imitators.  The Aqua Air works very well and does more!  FOR LOTS MORE INFORMATION ON THIS AIR PURIFIER, CLICK ON: Aqua Air Air Purifier.

How it Works

The water-based Aqua Air Purifier Humidifier does not operate like most air purifiers.  It moves air through the water to filter it and send it back into the room.  This air cleaner does not have the heavy visible moisture of most humidifiers, where you actually see wet areas in front of the humidifier.  It lightly puts moisture into the air room, so it actually stays in the air.  One customer who uses a humidity meter in his home and reports the Aqua Air constantly maintains the humidity in the most healthy zone.

The Aqua Air does not work like most aromatherapy dispensers.  There is no heat added.  No visible steam comes out.  In short, the Aqua Air works subtlely.  The Aqua Air will clean the air beautifully, leaving a light moisture in the air.  Almost everyone is conscious of the clean, lightly moist air on stepping into a room cleaned by an Aqua Air.

If you add a natural oil, a light fragrance is added to the air.  If you want a stronger scent, you add more natural oil.

It Is Effective!

Our offices are in Northern California. In the summer of 2008 we were surrounded by fires, sending lots of smoke and particulate matter our way.  It’s happened several times since, including in 2018.  The Aqua Air Purifier does a terrific job of keeping the air clean in our home, offices, and the homes of dozens of our neighbors.

This air purifier + light humidifier also removes allergens from the air.  We lived on a dirt road in the country, and this air purifier took the dust out of the air.  We still get smoke from fires, so we leave a couple of these running in our house to keep the air pure and nicely moistened.  We appreciate the moisture in the dry summer months.

In 2019, we have been experiencing very high pollen counts.  We’re running 3 of them in our house to keep the air clean.  It is sometimes shocking to see how yellow the water is in a couple of days.

Conditions don’t have to be terrible for you to benefit from this air purifier, though.  You’ll appreciate it any time.  It is quite effective at removing home odors and at adding a light moisture to the air.

You can add aromatherapy oils, as long as they are natural oils. Read How Does the Aqua Air Purifier Work


If you were to buy an air purifier / air cleaner, and a humidifier, sprays and plug-in aroma dispensers, you’d be spending lots of money, using lots of electricity, have lots of noise – and STILL not accomplish all the AquaAir does! The AquaAir just sits and quietly does it’s job – and it does a lot! Unlike other humidifiers we’ve tried, it doesn’t get more noisy as the water is used.

The noise is a sort of low hum, with a bit of gurgling.  Uses less electricity than a 40-watt light bulb.

The Aqua Air Purifier uses water to clean all the air in a normal size bedroom every 2 or 3 hours. It cleans at a rate of 15 cubic feet of air per minute! Get 2 or 3 for different rooms to keep your whole house air clean.  Filters 24,000 cubit feet of air per day.

Size is about 8.5 inches tall and 10″ across.


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More Info

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For more information on the Aqua Air Purifier Humidifier CLICK ON: AquaAir Info.

For parts, click Aqua Air Parts.


* room air purifier + humidifier + aromatherapy dispenser
* filters up to 99% airborne particulate matter!
* filters all types of pet dander
* filters smoke and pollen
* steady sound
* cleans 21,900 cubic feet a day!
* lightly humidifies air
* aromatherapy dispenser
* lightweight
* only about 9 1/2 inches across and 8 inches tall
* easy to open and refill
* locking carrying handle
* efficient best-quality motor available (like a top quality ceiling fan)
* NO replacement filters needed! (Water is the main filter.)
* Patented air filtration and aromatherapy processes


Fill water to the top line on the bowl. When the water drops to the lower line, dump the water, wipe out the bowl, and replace the water, refilling to the top line again.  The old water has filtered the particles, dander and pollen out of the air.

Depending upon your air conditions, you’ll need to replace the water every day or two. Wash out the bowl.  Every once in a while, backwash the outbound filter. Most of the time the particulate matter, pollen and dander is so small you won’t see it. But if you are using this air purifier in a hazardous air quality zone, as in a fire area, there may be so much particulate matter in the air that you’ll want to clean it more often. And while you do, you’ll be very happy that the water filtered that stuff out, not your lungs.

While the unit is open, look at the opening of the black stem that goes in the water.  If needed, use a knife point or similar to clear the opening.  Use a pipe cleaner or similar to open the holes on the side.

Click link to see replacement parts.

  How to Occasionally Clean Aqua Air Details

With the cord unpluggged, lay the top of the Aqua Air upside down on a table with the cord. Remove the exit filter screen and the donut filter.  Wash them in lukewarm water & soap.  Empty the water bowl; rinse with soap and lukewarm water. Wipe clean. Clean the inner wall around the spray tube area with a damp cloth.

Gently place a butter knife or kitchen knife in the clean air exhaust (next to the stem) to hold the fan still.  This means that it stops spinning when you unscrew the stem.  Gently turning the stem spray tube clockwise (the opposite of most things) & remove it.

You can use a paper clip to clear the side holes.  A small knife tip works well on the bottom opening.

With your finger on the hole at the bottom of the spray tube, run water through it to clean out the holes on the side of the stem spray tube.

Hold a finger over the bottom of the spray tube and the other hand around the holes, now place your mouth over top of the spray tube and blow air through the top. Do this in the sink as particulate could spray out spray holes quickly.

If stubborn plugs are still in some of the holes in the spray tube, use a pipe cleaner or pin or similar to clean the plugged holes.

Reverse the process to reassemble your Aqua Air.

5 reviews for Air Purifier + Humidifier + Aromatherapy Diffuser BIG DISCOUNT

  1. Lewis

    I have found that the AquaAir not only does an excellent job in purifying the air but also adds moisture acting as a humidifier. This if very important where we live because the air can be very dry. A 40% to 60% humidity level is optimum in helping to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The AquaAir helps to achieve this. We also can have forest fires in our area and often we have to deal with drifting forest fire smoke. The AquaAir helps to filter out this smoke, if it makes its way into our home, by trapping the smoke in the water of the AquaAir. I have two AquaAir units in my home and run them continuously.

  2. Candace (verified owner)

    I purchased the AquaAir for my new grandson’s bedroom. His parents are so happy with it and would like another. This will be their Christmas gift!

  3. Joe (verified owner)

    We can’t believe how dirty the water is almost every other day. Can’t imagine what we must be breathing in. Makes me want to hide the unit and sell my house.

  4. Jen (verified owner)

    Purchased two AquaAir units for my daughters and dogs for their allergies and breathing issues. They work exactly as described and have a very peaceful sound. Easy to clean and take care of. Plan on buying one or two more in the future!

  5. Jim (verified owner)

    This thing really filters amazingly well. The water is yellow after a day or two.

    • Friends of Water (store manager)

      Hey Jim, Thank you so much for that great review. How the water – which is the air filter – looks, will vary depending upon what needs to be filtered from the air. As I’m sure you know: Dump the water, give the bowl a quick cleaning, and refill with fresh water to the level between the two rings on the clear bowl to keep the air purifier working for you. Thank you for becoming a Friends of Water customer, and for posting this review. .

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