Florida Protects Its Waters

Chemicals in the Water

Florida Protects Its Waters

July 29, 2016

Under the Clean Water Act, The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is supposed to revise its limits on toxic chemicals that can be released into surface waters. This hasn’t been done since the early 1990s until now–spring 2016. Usatoday.com says the DEP is looking at weakening its restrictions on two dozen cancer-causing chemicals that can be discharged into the rivers, lakes, streams and coastal waters of Tallahassee, Fla.

“The agency is updating human-health criteria for 43 dangerous chemical compounds it regulates and adopting standards for the first time for another 39. Of the 82 various toxic substances, the vast majority would have lower standards than recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency. “O

Officials from the DEP  say that the new standards for releasing chemicals into Florida’s waters will be based on human risk factors such as seafood consumption and the drinking of local water. They have considered whether or not the the average Floridian’s health would be affected by the dozens of new cancer-causing chemicals, and to anyone’s surprise, they say: “the concentration of pollutants in the water wouldn’t pose a significant risk to the average Floridian’s health.” Really? Are you sure? This sounds a little like what Flint’s officials told its residents.

Fortunately, Florida’s residents spoke out during a Department of Environmental Protection workshop in Tallahassee, where these issues of adding toxic chemicals into their drinking and fishing waters was addressed. A Tallahassee allergist and immunologist, Dr. Ron Saff spoke out: “The DEP should be pushing for even more stringent criteria than what we have now rather than trying to weaken them. Your job is to protect Floridians, not to poison us.”

Despite what the DEP “officials” have predicted the future will bring, environmental groups and many doctors say that the new standards would increase chances of people getting sick and/or developing cancer from the contamination in seafood and water. Why would any official want to take this risk?

Read more about this subject from usatoday.com.


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