Beverly Hills’ Water Wasters Cut Back

California Drought

Beverly Hills’ Water Wasters Cut Back

April 24, 2016

Officials in Beverly Hills say it was most difficult to get certain residents to cut back on their water usage; particularly the wealthy and famous and save water . Despite the 25% reduction in urban water consumption mandatory for everyone in California, the Beverly Hills community continued to miss the target every month since June 2015. Some residents were using approximately 60 times the amount of water that a Los Angeles family uses in a day. State regulators had to finally fine the city.

Last November officials sent out dozens of letters to the users who were obviously needing a warning. The LA Times reported that the penalty surcharges made the impact that was needed to reduce water usage throughout the city. In January 2016, 26% water reduction was achieved — Beverly Hills’ highest percentage in eight months. Read more…

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