Aqua Air Purifier

Aqua Air Purifier / Air Cleaner Humidifier & Aromatherapy Dispenser

The only one of its kind : The Aqua Air Purifier. This air purifier, humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser is a remarkably product and a great value.   Don’t be fooled because others now look similar.  This is the one.

The Aqua Air Purifier is extremely affordable and truly cleans the air. The Aqua Air may look like other products you’ve seen – but it’s entirely different.  Don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs that don’t have the patented air cleaning technology of this air purifier.

• The Aqua Air removes 99% of particulate matter.
• Cleans Smoke and Particulate Matter
• Removes Allergens

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The Aqua Air Purifier removes allergens, making your life better.

Here in California, we are in a very high allergen area. The Aqua Air Purifier cleans air in your home the same way Mother Nature would. The Aqua Air purifies air with water and with naturally created electrostatic energy. This air purifier scrubs the air the way a rainstorm does. Instead of running water through the air, the Aqua Air runs air through water.

Aqua Air Purifier

Aqua Air Air Purifier

   A Natural 5-Stage Process

1. Air is pulled into the air purifier and slammed into the surface of the water. Airborne wet dust particulates are pulled into the water.
2. The Aqua Air then pushes the air into its inner clean air chamber creating a rainstorm effect that generate the negative ions that make us feel so good. This makes dust cling to water like a magnet.
3. Three sheets of water are sprayed around the inner clean air chamber.
12 spray holes for water create a rainstorm and the air is cleaned once again.
4. The air is then pushed through the Aqua Air electrostatic filter, removing the non-wettable particulate matter.
5. The air is forced through the final electrostatic filter on its way back into your room. The electrostatic filter creates a ‘spark’ much like when you build up electricity rubbing your feet on a carpet. The air passes through a nylon screen that has been naturally electrostatically charged, without needed an electric grid. If any wet particulates made it this far, they are captured by the 0.1 micron filter.


Here’s some samples of what some customers say about Aqua Air:

Many of our friends are using the Aqua Air Purifier to protect their health. We’ve heard back from many about how effective they are.  Here are some samples of what some customers say about Aqua Air:

“I turn it on in our bedroom an hour and half before we go to bed.”

“I’m sleeping better than before we got the Aqua Air.”

“My son recently had an operation on his throat and the doctor said he must have clean air to breath.  We had a larger air cleaner in his room, but put the Aqua Air Cleaner in and we could tell the difference almost immediately.  My son said, “It’s like a tropical atmosphere.”  I also felt my chest relaxing.  We plan to get a couple more of these wonderful air purifiers for the rest of our house.”

“My husband was getting dried out during the night from the heater, so I started running the Aqua Air in the bedroom, and it solved the problem!”

“It’s working great.  Thank you so much.”

“You saved my life”

“Before we got our first Aqua Air in April in spring 2008 I was struggling with the allergens hitting the inside top of my nose.  It felt as though I had inhaled pepper.  Each morning I was waking up all stuffed up and I would hack for a long time trying to open my breathing passages. That’s all much improved with the use of the Aqua Air.”